School’s Out for Summer | Mommy and Me Monday | 328th ed


Dear girls, 

Don’t let yourself try to tell you that you can’t do something because other people think you can’t. Or shouldn’t. And, don’t let yourself think it either. Even if it’s going to be hard. Even if there are going to be things that come up that you haven’t thought about. Even if there are all of the “what ifs.”

When we were invited to Six Flags for a new DC Marvel kids area the day after school got out, I immediately RSVPd yes. Then I looked at the four of you and thought I was crazy. I couldn’t get you all there and keep everybody happy.

Six flags over georgia mommy and me monday

I even told a couple friends that I wouldn’t be going because “4 kids solo is hard” and daddy “has to work.”

But, I packed up the bags and we headed over. With a long walk across a hot parking lot and into the park. We all were able to ride rides and with the help of some friends (when mommy just couldn’t spin anymore and watch B), you were even able to ride some rides that I didn’t think was going to work out.

Six flags over georgia mommy and me monday

I didn’t get to ride rides with all of you. And, we had to get out of a food line because somebody “had to use the bathroom”, but I’d call it a victory.

Six flags over georgia mommy and me monday

There were even more freedoms allowed than what I thought I was comfortable with, but the reality is, that you older two girls are growing up and I can’t have us attached all the time. It helped that again, I had friends there in the same situation (thank you Maria) to lean on and be my moral support when I worried.

Girls, thank you for (mostly) being sweet and helpful and listening because without that, this trip wouldn’t have been a success.

Six flags over georgia mommy and me monday


Thank you to Lindsey, Meghan and Maria for riding with kids, taking kids and encouraging me when I didn’t think I could or wanted to go. I’m so glad I have my community around me to help me through!

Thank you to Six Flags for hosting us in the park for the afternoon. 

What were you up to this week?

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  1. It really does take a village. And yay for going for this on your own! I have trouble some days just getting out of the house by myself with 2 kids. It’s an adventure for sure. 🙂

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