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Georgia high school sports have dead week the week of the Fourth of July. So, it’s a run on your own kind of week. Because, yes, even if there’s not a team practice, the runs still have to happen.

So, we got up early on the 4th to beat yet another heat advisory and knocked out a run.

This time, B biked with one sister, one ran with me and one ran between all of us. Mile repeats are so much fun! (Mile repeats are what they sound like, run a mile, take a little break, run a mile again, and again until your prescribed running time is up.)

The oldest had significantly more to run than the rest of us, so once we were done, we walked some more on the trail and then called it a wrap.

But first, we stopped to get a picture…again except for the oldest because she was still running!

I can’t believe we have only three weeks more of summer and then it’s back to school and running after. Which if this summer is how it’s going to go (because heat advisories are no joke), we might have to get some morning runs in before the school day starts too.

What did you do this week?

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