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We had a list of fun stuff to do during Spring Break. But, we ended up mostly sticking close to home. But, we were outside every single day for playing or running or both.

The whole week, my allergies were really misbehaving. Thursday, my congestion was getting heavier.

Friday morning, I told Mr. Serious I was taking a sick day. The congestion and cough were worse.

I don’t know the last time I truly did this.

My body was telling me to rest and stay in bed. And I did. (I also took a home test…you know the kind, and it was negative.)

I’m now all caught up on Bridgerton and almost caught up on This Is Us. I am one with my iPad and my iPad is one with me.

The girls were very good to me and checked on me. They made sure I had water and any food if I needed it.

B, wanting snuggles all the time and doubly so when she is sick decided she needed to cuddle me to help me feel better.

It definitely made me smile…and look at all of those matching freckles.

Trying to be on the upswing this week. The calendar is booked and there’s too much to do.

But, I might have to incorporate more sick days into the calendar.

What did you do this week?

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