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When the oldest was in elementary school, I wasn’t really able to help chaperone field trips. They don’t like it when you bring little siblings to most of them, which I understand, so it didn’t happen.

When N was in elementary school, I was able to get away to chaperone a trip or two. With E, there haven’t been a ton of field trips and apparently, 5th grade is the year she absolutely isn’t interested in me attending. And, I truthfully don’t recall if I did before all the things shut down.

B? She wants me to come to every single field trip. It’s not possible, but she asked me to come to the skating rink STEM field trip. I think she knows I can’t pass a good STEM “thing” so I signed up.

When I arrived they had already started and had taken a skate apart. They were looking at the machine parts of a skate as well as the hardness of different parts of the skate.

She even let me take a picture.

Once the STEM part was over. The kids got to have some lunch (pizza and lemonade), roller skate (B opted to skate on the carpet only), do laser tag (B declined) and play on the playscape. The playscape was definitely her jam.

It was definitely the easiest field trip I’ve chaperoned; I mostly helped get the kids lunch and drinks and help them with their skates and off the floor.

But, it was definitely very loud (my watch actually gave me a warning about sustained time at this volume and hearing loss) and a sensory overload. So, might be awhile before I join in another one. Bless the elementary teachers that do this every day!

What did you do this week?

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