8 things I said I would never do, and then became a mom


I think most of us can agree, we were all the perfect parent, until we had kids. I knew everything about being a mom and having kids right up until October 14, 2006. The morning I became a mom. And, then, it all got thrown out the window.

Even things that I said I would never do when I had one kid have totally changed since becoming a mom a second, third and fourth time. What can I say, I guess things change.

There are many, many more things I said I would never do as a mom, but these are the first 8 that came to mind.

I will never let my kids eat something other than a nutritious entree for every meal.

    • Right. We’ve definitely gone for fro-yo before a meal before. And while I would say like 95% of our meals are really good and wholesome, sometimes you just have to bend the rules a bit.

ice cream at disneyland

I will never put my kids on a schedule because I’m not on a schedule.

    • It only took us about 2 months to realize that was a terrible idea. Kids like schedules. Consistency. Predictability. I realize not all kids are like this, but ours are for sure.

I will never let my kids sleep with me.

    • They always went into their sleeping place first, but when they were tiny, if they couldn’t get to sleep, they slept right next to me. It actually makes me sad that they aren’t much for snuggling and sleeping with me now, but I got the cuddles I could get.

I will never cloth diaper.

    • 2 babies and going strong. And I wish I would have done it for the first two. The hubby just said this weekend it was one of the smartest things I did. So, I’ve got that going for me.

I will never use my mother’s words.

    • So many times I hear my mom when I talk. “Because I said so.” “Be the bigger person.” “Life’s not fair.” Yep. I am her.

I will never let my kids go out with stains/food on their faces

    • Do you have more than one kid? Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible, right? Most of the time, I have stains on me and don’t realize it until I’m already out somewhere.

I will never pull the kids out of school for vacations or activities.

    • Eating my words. Two trips to Disney later and I totally see the value in pulling them out for a day or two here or there when they are little. Now, in high school, the jury is still out. Sometimes, the memories are more important.


I will never use the TV as a babysitter.

    • I don’t know I could do some things without the TV. I have to be honest. The older two (7 and 5) know how to operate and can easily busy themselves when I need to nurse their sister. However, the 2 year old? She can get into things very quickly. I need to be able to distract her and keep her in the same room as me when I feed her sister. There are plenty of times we do other things, but when I’m sitting and nursing, she needs to be safe.

Watching Tumble Leaf

Because I let her watch TV so I can get some things done, I like to make sure that she’s watching something that is age appropriate and teaching her something. No Breaking Bad for our two year old.

Tumble Leaf still 1

We’ve been introduced to Tumble Leaf from Amazon Studios. It’s their new children’s series available on Amazon Prime Instant Video and is their first ever kid series aimed at preschool aged children. E gives it two thumbs up and was very entertained by the show. However, N, our 5 year old said it was for babies and didn’t want to watch. It is very toddler/preschool friendly voices with very kid-friendly voices and actions.

Tumble Leaf follows a day in the life of “Fig the fox” who lives in a wrecked schooner ship by the sea and his best friend “Stick,” a caterpillar who lives in a tiny basket strapped to Fig’s forearm, as they discover adventure, friendship and love around every bend. The characters are fun and colorful and very appealing to the preschool audience. And, achieves it’s goal of developing creative thinking in children. While E was watching, she was inspired to go and create with paint and markers, and even though she made a mess, she isn’t one to go do art all on her own.

Tumble Leaf recently launched a free Android app featuring six games inspired by objects and activities from the show. Check out a clip of the show to see if your kids would love it.

{Video embedded below}


What is something you said you’d never do but have since changed your ways?  Does it include a favorite television show?

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  1. We’ve all been there except I never had an issue pulling my kids from school – and I do. I figure the school work will be there when they get back, right?

  2. A TON of moms in my moms group recently had this discussion and not sleeping with baby was a major thing that most of us said we’d never do but did anyways. Gotta do what ya gotta do to get sleep in those tiny baby days!

  3. There are a lot of things i said too that i would never do but couldn’t keep to it lol.This cartoon looks great i am sure my youngest would love it.I agree with what you said that memories are sometimes more important.

  4. The meal thing definitely. I am so guilty of giving them snacks to tie them over!

  5. grandma pat says:

    before we had children we all had the “well I nevers”. Wait until you have grand-children.

  6. Oh gosh.. that is a tough question. I know I hear my mom’s words come out of my mouth too often! I know I said I would never cook 3 different meals… FAIL….. working on that tho.

  7. My favorite is that you wouldn’t talk like your mother– I don’t have kids, but still find myself slipping into my mom’s voice!

  8. I love schedules! I honestly can’t think of what I never thought I’d not do…we are fairly regimented and stayed that way after having a child. Of course, a coworker who has 5 children (and a stay at home wife) recently told me someone like me with “just one child” has no advice to give about parenting. I am pulling Lily out of school for vacation but really, it is just first grade, and we do a lot of home learning during the summer and school year.

  9. There are a few rules I made about raising my kids that I’ve broken. I let them play video games during the week after school even though I said I wouldn’t. I also let them sleep really late on Summer break because I like the silence. OH WELL nobody’s perfect.

  10. Kay never watched any tv until she was 2. After then, it was very limited, more of a treat. Then Bee came along, now we watch tv every day. I still monitor the shows they watch closely and make sure they’re educational and not a bad influence in any way. (We’ll see what happens when and if we have more kids, lol!) But yeah, this show looks really cute. I think both of my kiddos would like it!

  11. We are quickly moving out of the toddler years. I do have a son who just turned 5 that may be intereseted in it.

  12. Let’s see… I said I would never breastfeed, but ended up nursing Danger for 2.5 years. I thought I’d never say things like “Because I said so, ” “You’re not the boss of me!” or “Because I’m the mom,” but I say those almost every single day. *sigh* Parenting changes everything.

  13. I’m sure guilty of doing a lot of these things! Tv as a babysitter, stains on faces especially.

  14. I’m right there with you – every single one! I need to check out Tumble Leaf for the kids! Very cool!

  15. Yeah… the eating of the food…. I didn’t go back on my word, it’s just that Red flat out refused! TV was totally me. Gotta have it sometime!

  16. The food thing was one item I thought I’d never bend on. And bribing my child. I will totally bribe him with ice cream if it means he’ll eat his vegetables.

  17. I think there are too many to count on both hands or even remember. 😉 I do remember saying in my 20s that there were things I wouldn’t do or say that my mom did and guess what? Not only do I say and do them, but I enjoy doing so!

  18. My brother doesn’t let his daughter watch TV. We love the Disney Channel and my kids have learned a lot from Mickey!

  19. I have repeated things my parents have said. But one thing I won’t do is put a TV in my kids room. That is one thing I will hold true to.

  20. My teen daughter recently told me everyone in her school is getting tattoos. I told her that’s nice, but she’s not everyone. That’s so totally my mom.

    She told me, ‘when I have a daughter, if she wants a tattoo I’ll drive her to go get it.’

    mm hmmm. Famous last words little Missy (that’s my mom talking again too). 😉

  21. So funny to think of how much we thought we knew prior to kids! I thought my kids wouldn’t watch tv and there was no way they’d play video games. HA!

  22. Lura Staffanson says:

    I was teaching child development before I had my first and thought I was an expert…. then I had Lynell and found out the truth. Most of my “expert knowledge” did not help me one bit in raising our 4. After they were older and I went back to teaching, I tried to make my child development classes much more realistic. I think you are a great mom.

  23. I hated hearing things my mom said coming out of my mouth, but it’s so inevitable! However, I’m pretty stubborn so most of the stuff I said I wouldn’t do, I didn’t do. lol

  24. I admit I let my two year old watch TV too. It’s the only thing that will let me get a break and get stuff done around the house.

  25. That’s a great list. I did most of those things, lol.

  26. hahaha i wasn’t going to cloth diaper either. i remember saying “they make disposable diapers for good reason”

    i had 3 in cloth at once for a brief time

    and i’m pulling mine out thursday to go to great wolf lodge opening in boston so … yea.

    but that one i never said i wouldn’t do LOL

  27. I think I nodded my head nearly every one of these… We will keep an eye out for that show! I’m always looking for fun, engaging shows for the boys.

  28. I had some of the same “I would nevers”! Things certainly change. Sometimes my daughter needs the TV just to stay out of trouble. Like continually climbing on our glass dining table while I’m cooking diner. Yeah, that.

  29. My parents always pulled us out of school for vacations. Those weeks were often just as educational as school, if not more!

  30. I had said I’d never let a TV entertain my kids so I can get work done, but I do. I also said I wouldn’t let my children have soda, but they do. It’s funny the high expectations we give ourselves, then sort of go with the flow after they are born. Great post, made me laugh, too.

  31. I guess never say never? Haha. I sad a bunch to before I had kids and then had to eat those words

  32. I have learned my “I will never” always turn into “I am’s” lol. It’s hard to say until you are there in the moment in that situation and you realize how easily your mind changes.
    I totally use the T.V. as a babysitter, and sometimes the iPad as well. If not, my son will seriously make a wreck of the entire house LOL.

  33. Am guilty as charged!! Yes, the TV babysits at times. Sigh!

  34. It’s funny what we think we will do and won’t do before we have kids. I think I said everything that you did here on this list, and they all went right out the window after they were born lol.

  35. haha! I’ve said many of those things myself as a mom. Sometimes we just have to let things slide and not be so hard on ourselves…..I’ve used TV as an emergency babysitter more than a few times when I’ve had to be on a business call or have a project to get done.

  36. First of all, I love the name of your blog. Secondly, I think I did at least half of your list myself. I was never going to put my soon on a schedule but once I did it, life was so much easier. He was always go to eat nutritious food (haha…wait until their teenagers) and he was never going to be left in front of a TV (Barney the dinosaur was a God send). But, hey, at least we try right?

  37. I go through this all the time. I’ve learned to never say never…..lol

  38. Yeah, I had a lot of I will never statements as well. Sometimes it seems like I catch myself breaking one of them on a daily basis. All of the “rules” sound great in theory…until they meet the reality of the daily grind.

  39. I think I’ve said/done a few of these thing myself! Sometimes you need to go with the flow.

  40. This sounds like great programming for people with toddlers and preschoolers. I’m glad that there are so many options for entertainment. This looks like a really cute show. There are a number of things on your list that I said i would never do and i have totally done the opposite.

  41. I let my kid sleep with me a lot when she was small. And I would totally do it again if I could go back. She was an awesome snuggle bug. 🙂

  42. i sound like my mom almost every.day. and it kills me!!


  43. Aside from the schedule, I do all those. Of course they have a schedule at school, but we never really had a strict schedule at home until they became school age.

  44. Yeah, wish it were just eight things, sigh… But being mom yourself does give perspective…

  45. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pulling a kid out of school for a vacation for a few days. My mother did that when we were younger and those are some of my favorite memories.

  46. thats so funny. I did cloth diaper and I also pull them out to go on vacation. Both are so worth it for the kids and the family.

  47. Great post! And, I totally pull my kids out of school for vacations or activities. There are just some things they can’t learn in school.

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