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On our recent trip to Houston, the reason for our visit was my sister’s wedding (yay..more pictures later).

I headed to her bachelorette party the weekend before…where I was the oldest person there (that never happens).

But, we got a good sister shot (yes, she’s super tan…I’m not).

bride to be

She also played a game.  We were all supposed to bring a pair of undies that reflected our personalities.  I’m not even sure what that means.

Then, she was supposed to guess who brought which pair.  I won’t say which ones I brought (feel free to guess), but I will say that she guessed mine first try.

bachelorette party

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  1. Love it! The picture of you & your sister is so sweet! I was noticing the difference in her tan compared to yours (or you lack of one, haha!) as well & did the same with the picture of you & your mom! I have always been pale as well…so I know where you are coming from!

    I’m totally guessing that your panties were NOT one of the barely there ones! haha!

  2. Stopping by from SevenClownCircus! Cute pictures & I have to say this is the first I’ve heard of the Panty Game!

  3. Yay for your sister! I love hearing about people getting married. In fact, I’m just shy of addicted to wedding shows on TV :-). I love the panty game…that is too cute. She would’ve guessed mine right away too…and she doesn’t even KNOW me! They’d be the big ole giant granny pannys! LOL

  4. Never heard of that game…though I guess it would be fun! Congrats to your sister…can’t wait to see more pictures.

    1. First time I had heard of it, too!

      Hope you were able to pop by and see some more of them.

  5. Congrats to your sister! You both look gorgeous!

    1. Seriously? You guessed right away? They are see-through and totally not me.

      She said that she said they reminded her of a board game that was some how kid related?

  6. That is such a great sister shot! Gorgeous ladies!

    I’m guessing the red and pink stiped undies are yours. ???

    1. Awww…thanks!

      And, seriously? how did you guys guess? They are see through and have bows and crap on them. Totally not me.

  7. What a really sweet photo of you and your sister, don’t worry about the tan, your skin will look better for longer. TeeHee!
    I think that’s funny about the undies game and that she picked yours out right away. I have never heard of that game, but it sounds fun.
    Best wishes to your sister.

    1. That’s a positive spin. I’m like my one aunt that is powder white next to her two sisters.

      I had never heard of the undies game either, but it was fun.

    1. Oh yes, we can’t deny each other…just like our mom!

  8. oh how i hope you guys are having so much fun!!

    can’t wait for more pics when you get home!!

  9. How fun! You are your sister are so cute together. Never heard of that game, but it sounds perfect for the party! Congrats to her.

    1. Oh, it was…if only I knew how to pick better ones to reflect me.

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