When a knight throws you a flower, you catch it.


She can catch Catching hasn’t been her thing. Most of the time she does the typical, close her eyes, put out her hand (or glove) and hope that she catches whatever is being thrown at her. This hasn’t ended well on several occasions. 

Sunday night was different.

There was royalty there and knights for which we cheered.

While they were demonstrating their horses skills they were also waving and getting the crowd excited for the games. Part of this was flowers. Flowers they kissed and threw into the audience. The flowers were thrown to lucky people periodically with the knight sort of giving a nod before they went in a specific direction.

The last rose was kissed and tossed. I saw where it was going. I was there for back-up. She didn’t need me. She totally caught it all by herself. No momma help necessary. When she realized she had caught it, she looked over at me and looked over at daddy and said “I know you are really impressed that I caught this flower all by myself!”

It’s a good thing she can catch now…maybe she’ll catch some pride, too. I think she’s lacking <3.

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  1. Aww… good for her! She looks so happy about it too! <3

    1. She was so impressed with herself…but I think he was surprised, too!

  2. How fun! You always catch when its something important like that! 🙂

    1. So we just need to wrap everything we want her to catch in a flower?

  3. pat chance says:

    love her comment – hopefully she doesn’t have the Stuecken “I can’t catch” gene

  4. oh wow!! What a lovely story! And that smile on her face tells the entire tale. Thank you for making me smile, Krystyn!

    1. She is still smiling about it and asking if we remember:)

  5. What a great moment to remember! Love her smiling face and I hope she continues to gain confidence in her catching! 🙂

    1. Me too. She loves the idea of catching, but most of the time she closes her eyes!

  6. Hold on, there’s not going back. Independence here I come. 🙂

    1. You know I know it. Some days I’m super thankful for the independence, but not the know-it-all attitude that comes with it.

  7. I hope the flower lasted long enough to bring home! I’m sure she was so proud – stuff like that means a TON at that age!

    1. It was on our table for about two weeks and still looked good (I was just tired of looking at it!)

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