Winning (and opposite) personalities


It was a birthday extravaganza this weekend.  Well, not really, but man did we stay busy.  Grandparents were in town, beds were put together, friends came over, and bedtimes were missed.

But, it was great and a lot of fun!

And, as the weekend progressed, their charming personalities really started to come through.

We never did first birthday shirts, but we were lucky to have coordinating and matching “Birthday Princess” shirts with their names and ages on them.  Yep, they ate that up!  So did everybody else that saw them.

#1, was totally ready for her picture!  She really has perfected her head tilt…gets me every time.   And, that little corduroy skirt.  Please, for the love of all things, freeze this moment.

birthday shirts

#2, on the other hand, wasn’t ready to show off one of her birthday shirts for toddlers.   In fact, she actually laid down on the floor.  And, yes, that’s her foot in the air ready to give me a kick.  Isn’t she nice?  She eventually recovered, but it involved me putting the camera away.  She loved that her name was on it and she could see all the letters.  However, there was a little confusion about the “a.”  She called it a “g” because it was different than what she was used to.  We just decided to call it a “funny a!”

Birthday shirts for toddlers

See?  They recovered later that night.  In their cute matching shirts (made of some seriously soft cotton!)

birthday shirts for toddlers

I’m linking up here.  Go and visit their Wordful and Wordless Wednesdays.


*shirts were provided for review.  all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Isabelle looks SO tall in that picture, oh my goodness! Love the shirts, they are adorable. Happy Birthdays to your girls.

    1. She is a giant, I think. Seriously, 75% for height! She takes after her daddy.

  2. LOVE the head-tilt–I always used to tease my sister about that, and she still does it to this day! Happy Belated Birthday to the girls!

    1. She’s perfected the head tilt! She had a really cute picture last year and I said something about the tilt and she’s done it every since!

    1. Oh, the rainbows and unicorns are only here like 10% of the time.

  3. those shirts are adorable! perfect for your birthday princess times two!
    and, did isabelle get the leappad for her bday?? we got one too and LOVE it! i just finished downloading food for her pet. ha!

    1. Wow! I’m like a month overdue here. Yep, birthday. I’ve got to get some more games/apps for it. Right now, they keep watching the letter/phonics video. It’s starting to drive me crazy.

  4. Love the matching birthday shirts since they are so close! Adorable girls! And one more is coming into the mix. Love it!

    1. Yep, they’ll probably be celebrating their birthdays together for a while!

  5. Probably aiming right for the stomach too- Wyatt use to do that.

    But happiest birthday to both of those little girls!!

    1. Oh, yes, totally, she’s a stinker all the way and she’s knows it! She likes to get my hands, too.

  6. They are ADORABLE! Even though N was trying to kick you into not taking a picture… 😉

    1. Isn’t that bad that she’s cute even when she’s a stinker!

  7. They are getting wayyyy too big! Someone has got to find that pause button and share with me how to use it!

    1. I promise if I find it, I’ll share it…you do the same!

  8. yay for missed bedtimes!!

    now let me see new bed pictures please!!

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