The third time it’s different, right?


I joke about how life is different for the second child.  They do things sooner and faster, and as a parent, I’m quite certain I’m a little (okay, a lot) more lax.  It’s just hard to keep up with that level of worry, fret and research when there are two little munchkins you are responsible for.

And, I hear so many people say “oh, he/she’s the third kid” and you know it’s even more different.

But, at the same time, I still sit here and I worry, worry, worry.  Maybe it’s because it’s been three years since I had a baby in my arms.  And, in those three years so much has changed.  And, part of me is still that paranoid first time mom.  Like the crib that we have is a drop-side crib.  You aren’t supposed to use those anymore, but the company says because they aren’t recalled, there is no conversion kit.  And, more importantly, I have to have a drop side or a lower side as I can’t reach over the rails (yes, I know the mattress can be adjusted, but I can’t get up and over the rails.  Did you know I was that short?)

So, now we’ve got to search for the best crib.  Well, the best crib for our buck!  And, I’m a little bummed about it.  Mostly because I’m cheap.  But, secretly, I’m a little excited about going and picking out a new crib for baby girl #3.

Which got me to thinking, we’ve only had cheap baby monitors before.  But now, with two big girls running around the house, I’m thinking we might need the Best Baby Monitor available.  Maybe even one with a video.  They are so cheap now, and work so well.  I see my friends post pictures spying on their little ones and I think “I want that!”

video monitor

Then, I started worrying about our car seats.  I gave away our infant carrier to a student who needed it, and our Best Convertible Car Seat will likely expire before this baby can use it.  So, do I let her sit in it even though it’s “expired” or do I get another one?

I’m thankful that at least we already have the Best Baby Swing.  Look at our little #2-bear just days old snoozing away in her swing.   You can’t beat that, right?  So, at least that one’s a go (well, now that I think about it, I’d better check and make sure it still works.  After all, it will be over 5 years old).

baby swing

So, out with the old, in with the new?  Or keep using it all until it won’t work anymore?  Upgrade to newer and more improved versions, or stick with what we’ve got?

Part of the “problem” is that I want things to be different, but at the same time, do we really need a new monitor?  Or baby bottles?

*links have been provided.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I’d probably still use the crib, but definitely DO NOT use the expired car seat! I’m a really laid back mom (well, I have to be with 4 kids) but car seat safety is something I’m not at all laid back about. Car seats have expiration dates for a reason.

    Also, when you throw out the old seat, cut the straps off to make it unusable, so no one else can fish it out of the trash and use it themselves.

    1. Funny how we are all different, right? I guess it’s because I saw the example pictures of what could happen with the drop side malfunctioning..and I could never live with myself if something happened and it was because of the crib, know what I mean?

      Good point about cutting off the straps. I think some manufacturers actually have recycling programs, right?

  2. Jessica @atl mom guide says:

    I am so excited for you guys!
    Even though I have 3 my youngest 2 are only 15 months apart so we still had the baby stuff out from the first one!

    However…as a cheap (thrifty ?) mom I keep thinking…are you planning on a 4th? or will you be done after #3?

    1. So much of ours is in the attic…crib, toys, etc!

      Ummm…pretty sure I’m done at three:) But, that’s not stopping me from doing cloth diapers (even using them for one kid helps save money)! Hopefully, I can find a crib on craigslist or something like that!

  3. I am always looking to save money. With my first daughter I kept a lot of her things. With my second daughter I still wanted the experience to be feel like new. I wanted to try things that I didn’t have a chance to enjoy with my first. I bought 99% of the items I wanted to try through consignment shops. I joined them on Facebook and kept a look out for the products I wanted. If you really want to try out that monitor try to get it consigned. You won’t feel as guilty :). At least I didn’t. Congratulations!

    1. *to feel like new…My mommy brain is getting the best of me!!!!

    2. I’m already following the one or two consignment stores here, but man it seems like the used stuff is pricey! Thinking craigslist might be a better option?

      But, I do want some “new” stuff, too:)

  4. I would still use the crib. And honestly, I would the carseat too. John sits in a Britax carseat that has expired. The carseat did not suddenly become unsafe just because July 20, 2011 came and went. It is still just as secure as it was on July 19th. Use common sense…if it seems unsafe, if it isn’t latching into your car securely anymore or if the straps won’t stay tight, then of course get a new one but if you are trying to spend your money wisely then don’t throw away a perfectly good carseat! Just my opinion.

    1. I’m just so paranoid about the crib after seeing pictures of what can happen! Our Britax seats are in such good shape, I wonder the same thing. They sit in cars with tinted windows and all of the plastic is still in great shape.

      So many questions!

      BTW, I need to get with you more on cloth diapering! I’m getting overwhelmed!

  5. Well, I don’t have any human babies, so I don’t know if my opinion counts…I’ll probably be able to understand these dilemmas more when I have milk shakes. But, since you asked…if the stuff worked for Blubs and Sampson, it should work for Boris, right? I would use it until it stops working…why does a car seat expire? The plastic on it isn’t as strong or what? I don’t think there are expiration dates on Humphrey’s seats, and I don’t think I will have to replace them, yet I want to be belted in and safe like a baby. I say, use the same stuff! Buy new stuff you don’t have! Like the cloth diapers…you want my opinion on those????

    1. Yes, it will be different when you have kiddos…trust me.

      Not exactly sure why car seats expire…the plastic maybe? Better technology? I’d like to be able to have an assessment done at the end of the 6 years and see if they can tell how old it is.

      No cloth diaper opinions from you, please:)

  6. I’m awaiting my first and I’m seriously thinking of a video monitor as well!

    1. They just seem so cool, don’t they! It’s baby spying gone wrong.

  7. Okay, I know what all the EXPERTS say but I don’t always listen. Our crib was a drop down crib and it has been used by 6 different babies in our family. I figured it was safe. I need that drop down too because my back takes a beating sometimes. Also, I use bumpers. By the time my kids are old enough to roll around in their crib being close to a bumper isn’t a big deal, and it saves them from a big bump on their heads.
    You know what you’re doing, mama! It’ll all come back to you very quickly. 🙂

    1. I was sent those pictures of what can happen when a drop side crib goes bad and I can’t get it out of my head (thanks to the jerks who don’t offer a kit for our crib, or any credit to get one that’s “government okay”!) I just couldn’t live with myself if something happened. I think the older ones are actually better because they are made of metal! The bad ones have plastic parts that fail?

      I use the bumpers, too! Until they started pulling on it!

  8. We still use our drop side crib – though the drop side is against the wall and kind of secured by the bumper (yes another no-no but the girls bury their heads in the corner when they sleep!). I have no idea if Abbie’s car seat is expired – it was the extra in my husband’s car that never got used so I figure it is like brand new! The video monitor is a MUST! I am actually looking for a replacement because ours is 2 years old and no longer holds a charge (even with a new battery!). Oh and I have some brand spanking new baby bottles if you want them! Abbie never liked them. They are the Tommee Tippee kind. Seriously – just let me know and I will stick them in the mail! I hate when things like that go unused!

    1. We used bumpers, too! So, I guess I’m a rebel there.

      Doubt your seat is expired, they are usually like 6 years, so you should be good.

      Another “pro” for the video monitor. Maybe a grandparent will want to buy one! Now, I’m going to have to see if I can find a deal.

      I’ve heard great things about those Tommee Tippees, so I’ll totally take you up on that.

      BTW, been rocking the clothes, you sent last year, too! Thank you again for those. It’s about to get cold here!

  9. I do think that monitor looks pretty snazzy but then I’m kinda glad I could never see my kids on a screen. I think I probably would have gone in their room more… 😉

    And I would like that swing for myself. ha!

    1. I think it would make me go in there less…like, oh, they aren’t really crying and awake, just fussing in their sleep!

      Heck yes, I’d like a swing like that, too!

  10. If the car seat has been stored in a not-so-ideal location, such as in a hot attic, then you might want to get a new one.

    And congrats on baby GIRL #3!! Unless I missed it, I didn’t know it/she is going to be another girl. I’m sure she’ll be just as beautiful and spirited as her sisters… or maybe she’ll be beautiful and peaceful instead!

    Either way, I’m sure you haven’t totally forgotten how to take care of a newborn, so just trust your instincts!

    1. Nah, they’ve been in the car (still being used). I think we’ll be cutting the expiration date close.

      You might have missed it. I hate how FaceBook decides which posts are important and which aren’t, which is why you probably missed it! I wish I could see all of the posts and decide which ones are important! So, thank you very much! Peaceful….yeah, we can dream.

  11. We’re expecting our first and just bought a used and in really great condition Baby’s Dream 3-in-1 crib, hutch & dresser from Craigslist! I’m only 5″2 and was really concerned about being able to safely pick up the baby from the crib even with the mattress up at full height and the Baby’s Dream with the safety gate makes it completely possible! The side doesn’t go all the way down but a small portion of it does for easy lifting! Check Craigslist and go check it out before you buy!

    1. Funny you mention that brand…hmmm.

      I think the idea of that little fold down part would be perfect for me! I’ve been checking craigslist here, and most people want like $500, or they are selling their drop sides!

  12. We have the same swing..and love it! We have upgraded a couple things that needed to be. I feel like each baby needs their own special thing.

    1. Exactly, they each need something a little new, right? But, totally not replacing the swing (as long as it still works!)

  13. Second one was different for me too. baby never had candy until she was 4. Jed…well let’s just say he has a wicked sweet tooth and will be three in Dec.


  14. Being a child care provider and that I just took a class on car seats, I’ll tell you the reason car seat expire… because the interior plastic pieces break down; heat, cold, sun and time all break them down, until they are weak and brittle, and break.

    I wasn’t going to buy a new car seat either, until I researched a little. But, maybe you have a friend who isn’t using hers?

    I’m with you on the crib thing too. I don’t have bumpers or anything soft in E’s crib even yet… because I’ve seen what can happen, and if something did, to know that I jeopardized her, would kill me.

    On a much happier note, hope you are feeling really good and super excited about baby!

    BTW – I don’t feel too guilty about buy E clothes, even if she was my 3rd boy, the clothes are so worn by the two previous that it’s hard to not get something that actually looks nice.

    1. That makes a lot of sense on the carseat front. Actually, I think we are okay if N gets out of the seat she has before we need it (which I think she will!)

      So, is it bad that I’m okay with the bumpers? Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen anything on those (pictures I mean!), but I take them out as soon as they start moving around.

      I’m feeling really good and excited, but not too excited or I know these next four months will take forever!

      Our clothes are really very worn out!

  15. This post supports my philosophy that moms should get a shower for their first baby and their third baby. And another one if any pregnancy results in twins (or more).

    I’d say prioritize safety first and get that new stuff. Be sure to register and have a work friend throw you a shower. 🙂

    1. I definitely wouldn’t complain if somebody threw me a shower, but I just resigned from teaching this year and I work at home (, so I don’t think I’ll have a work friend that will throw me one.

      Want to throw me a virtual shower:) Now I’m dreaming!

  16. buy it all. seriously. it’s the last go. do it all. for real. you won’t ever regret doing it – you will only regret not doing it….

  17. I love the photo of N in the swing.
    I would be just like you, wanting everything new, too.
    I hope you get what you want – can’t wait to see what you get. =)

    1. She was so stinking tiny then. I can’t even believe it.

      Now, if only money grew on trees….

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