What it’s like for a non-professional to take pictures of their 10 month old


Dear E-

Saturday, you officially turned 10 months old. It’s been a fun month (with some bumps and bruises along the way), but most of them have been pretty expected.

It was a pretty gloomy day, so the best place I could find to take your picture was the kitchen. But, we made it work. Sort of.

You are constantly moving now, which makes getting anything more that one small part of you in focus a challenge. Okay, well at least for me. See one eye in focus, the other one, not. Well, 50% isn’t terrible, I guess.

Happy 10 months E

Fortunately, you still look at the camera, except when the cat is around. Maybe I need to get a cat for the front of my camera.

Happy 10 months E

Well, maybe not. Turns out the camera is just as interesting as the cat…for you to grab. 

Happy 10 months E

But, then if I’m sneaky, I can still focus in on you and get a really great shot of your eyes…and those wispy hairs that go across your eyes. They kill me. And the fact that it’s starting to turn a little blond like mommy’s was back in the day? Pretty sweet.

Happy 10 months E

It’s okay if you take a break to eat my lens cap, too. It’s really not that important…plus I get your eyes again. Which, by the way, I thought were blue, but now I have no idea. You’ll probably end up with brown eyes, too. 

Happy 10 months E

Then, I have to pick you and reposition you for the millionth time. You are fast and in my lap before I can even sit all the way back down. But, I caught a glimpse of all of those chompers. And, you like to chomp them.

Happy 10 months E

Then, because I really have no idea what I’m doing, I let you pull up on me and stand up. And, I stand up, too and get those wispys out of your eyes for a second and you give me an awesome smile. But, my camera is just too slow with this lighting. I’m calling it a win, though, because non-profesionals can take blurry pictures of their kid and call them cute.

Happy 10 months E

At some point, you also pulled up on the chair and started a little spill. I caught that, too, but we’ll pretend the image doesn’t exist, cool? Because after you recovered, you crawled over to the window (another non-professional prop) and looked back and mommy. A little pink to your cheeks and those wispys are back again. Just the right amount of eye twinkle, too. Yep, totally planned that and I know just want I did to achieve it. Ha.

DSC 1052

And then, like that, you announced you were done. You turned to look out the window and took a chomp on the molding. Like I mentioned, you chomp on everything. (We are fortunate that our house is young enough to not have lead paint because you love to eat the windows and that would be terrible if it did.)

Happy 10 months E

These last 10 months sure have flown by. And, just for the record, you like to eat. You love ravioli and squash and sweet potatoes and green beans and yogurt and fruit and applesauce and chicken and well, a lot of foods. And, you like the milk straight from the mommy tap. No bottles for you. So you are quite the momma’s girl. And I’m totally fine with it (well, like 95% of the time!).

Happy 10 months E. Maybe we’ll splurge for your birthday and get you some proper pictures. 



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  1. I love it! She is too cute. I think there’s a place for pro pics, but candid ones are the best!

  2. uhm dude she is about to be one?!? how is that possible?!?

  3. Awww. She is such a darling. And what a fun age. It seriously makes me want another one. I feel like I am always saying this when I come to your blog. 😉

    1. It is such a fun age…so I totally get it! You know, even numbers aren’t all they are cracked up to be:)

  4. Awwwww, thanks for sharing. She is such a doll. I can’t believe she has so many teeth, she’s got my just 1 year old beat. The pictures all look great too, nothing blurry looking on my tablet at least.

    1. I know…it’s crazy. 8 teeth and she’s had them for a while. Her oldest sister had one tooth at a year…barely!

      And, thanks:)

  5. pat chance says:

    She’s so darn cute – can’t wait to enjoy her and the rest of the family in person next week.

    1. Thanks! I’m going to let the “pros” do her one year ones, but that’s because I have a picture I want to match!

  6. WHAT did mom’s do before digital film?? It takes me 100 shots to get one decent one of the kids (my Point & Shoot is a P.O.S. for capturing anything more mobile than a banana). I LOVE the window shot!

    1. I have no idea…probably either go through a ton of film, or spend a fortunate on the pro ones?

      1. Pst…your family picture ornament? Freaking adorable.

        I don’t pay for picture, either. I go to one of those places with $10 in my pocket and that’s all I’m going to spend. Like all of it. I’m so cheap.

  7. This brings back so many memories of BB at this same age – although she’s not much easier to photograph even now! Beautiful pictures and happy 10 months to little E!

  8. BernettaStyle says:

    How cute is she!!! I guess I will be going through that sooN!

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