And then he passed out


In addition to being absolutely heartbroken this weekend, I was also scared out of my mind at home. Mr. Serious was super sick. I was the chief caregiver and convinced him stay home from work Friday. He spent pretty much the whole day in bed.

But, I think I get an F in taking care of him that day because you know what’s even scarier than your baby falling down the stairs? Your big, strong, always healthy 6’3″ husband passing out cold. Like sprawled out on the bedroom floor.

E and Mr. Serious

Apparently, at some point in the middle of the night, he had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and when he was coming back to bed he didn’t quite make it. I woke up to a crash and a bang and the husband out cold on the floor. I was up and out of bed before I even realized it and screaming his name at the top of my lungs. I.was.terrified. I didn’t know what happened. I only knew he was laying there. I started shaking him and yelling some more. I was about to put my fingers to his neck and my ear to his chest to listen for a heartbeat when he opened his eyes and said “huh? What’s wrong?”

I didn’t know how to answer. I asked what happened and he sort of looked around like he didn’t know where he was. Then we started putting things together and we noticed the chair was moved and he said “I think I passed out.” We were talking more and he said he remembered getting light-headed and I guessed he tried to stabilize himself with the chair but it wasn’t enough and down he went. He stayed there for a while, I got him to drink some water and got him slowly back into bed. Where he pretty much spent the rest of the entire next day, too.

A full two days later he was finally feeling better and showed me the bruise under his arm. Apparently, he hit the footboard on his way down, too.

I’m usually really good at the caretaker roll and remembering to push tons of liquids. This time, I was off my game. I’ve learned my lesson, though, he needs to be taken care of when he’s sick, because it’s so easy to forget to drink the fluids when you feel terrible and all you want to do is sleep.

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  1. OMG!!! I’m happy he’s okay, but don’t be too hard on yourself it’s been a rough weekend for mommies, dads, and educators (past and present). *hugs*

  2. Whew I was reading and scared at the same time. The men don’t get sick too often I know mines doesn’t so when he is down I treat him like a child because he will forget to drink and eat also. Glad he is feeling better.

    1. I know. Why didn’t I remember to make sure he was eating and drinking. Of course after it happened, I sure did. Lots of pedialyte!

    1. Thanks…me, too. I can’t take care of him and the kiddos!

  3. Wow, that is scary. But cut yourself some slack, you have a lot of people to take care of! I’m glad he’s alright. xo

    1. I’m trying to cut a little slack. Yeah, I guess I have a couple to take care of, don’t I?

      I’m glad he’s alright, too!

  4. I know that bang was very scary for you. I am glad Mr. Serious was OK. Love you all.

  5. Mr. Serious says:

    I feel bad that you’re taking responsibility for me passing out! Mostly my fault for not taking care of myself leading up to the sickness. Let’s blame the virus too!

  6. Oh my God, how scary that must have been, seriously… poor, poor you… the same thing happened to my sister a few years ago… she was sitting down in my parents kitchen, and she literally fell out of the chair and crashed, passed out, on the floor. My mom called 911 and me at the same time (cell phone and land line) and it was the scariest few minutes of our life as she lay there unresponsive. Horrible!

    1. How terrifying. Was your sister okay?

      Those couple seconds where he wasn’t responding were terrifying.

  7. So glad to hear that he is okay, that is very scary! One of the first stomach bugs that went through our family, my husband got very dehydrated. I ended up taking him to urgent care when he got really bad all of a sudden and was unable to walk. I had to help him down two flights of stairs with the kids and drive him there. Luckily it was just severe dehydration but I was, of course, terrified.

    1. Oh my goodness. It didn’t even dawn on me if I was going to have to get him somewhere with the kiddos in tow. Goodness. So very scary.

  8. holy crap!! so glad he is ok!

    sounds like you guys need a vacation!

  9. Holy crap! That would have seriously given me a heart attack. I think you’ve had enough scares for a while. Sheesh!
    So glad he is okay!

    1. Seriously….I’m done.

      2013…the year of nothing crazy happening!

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