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I haven’t had a new purse or wallet in over two years. Not because I don’t like them, but because I’m indecisive. I’ve been a big fan of the cross body purse and bag for a while, so that’s a must, but I had been on the lookout for a more traditional wallet in which I didn’t have to fold my money. It was perfect timing that NET Effects reached out to me to partner.

Net effects review

NET Effects makes totes that are fashionable and functional, but they’re also lightweight, sustainably produced, and they bring positive change for the women of Cambodia. NET Effects’ mission is to bring ‘trade not aid’ to the disenfranchised women of Cambodia (many of whom are victims of land mines, physically disabled or deaf) by providing unbeatable work conditions, quality training and good pay. In fact, every 15-20 pieces sold in the U.S. provides fair wage for one month for a woman in Cambodia.

Additionally, a portion of each sale benefits Nothing But Nets, an organization providing mosquito nets to families in need. As part of their commitment to “zero waste”, NET Effects repurposes remnants and end pieces of agricultural and industrial netting creating bags and totes in trending seasonal colors. I’m a big fan of the bight pops of color that are on-trend in bright primary colors and the unique stitching.

NET Effects is a great example of a socially responsible company making beautiful products that help create a beautiful future for our children.

Net effects review

I was sent the Moxie cross body purse, The Sydney bag and the Clover Wallet.

The Clover Wallet is a big hit. I love the pink color and the compartments. My money no longer needs to be folded up. There are also many different sections for receipts, a checkbook if you’d like and a zippered change part (also a plus over my previous wallet). I also like the ID windows and the slots for my debit card, HSA card and insurance cards. The dimensions of the Clover Wallet are 8″ x 4″.

Net effects review

The Moxie cross body purse is a nice purse to throw a couple things in and head out the door. One thing to note is that the wallet is a very tight to not really quite fitting fit in the Moxie. The lining of the bags is black which makes it a little harder to see inside. I’d love to see a lighter colored lining. The dimensions of the Moxie are width of 10”, height of 10” and the depth is like 1” (there isn’t a side panel). The front of the Moxie features the two slanted pockets and a zippered pocked on the outside back. Inside the Moxie there are two non-zippered pockets (approximately phone sized) and the other side features a zippered pocket.

The Sydney bag is a little smaller than I was expecting. I was hoping to fit my 15” laptop in it, but it has a width of 12”, a height of 10” and a thickness of approximately 2”. It still has a ton of room and more than my typical cross body, but it’s more like the size of an iPad with space on either side. The front has the fun contrasting zippered pocket. On the front part under the flap (that is held in place with hook and loop), there is another zipper pocket. Inside the main part of the bag, there is one zippered pocket and 2 non-zippered pockets (again, think like phone or sunglasses).

Net effects review

If you want to make a purchase, you can use NETTYNOW for $15 off purchases made through July 26th.

I’m such a fan of a product that is made with sustainability in mind and also benefitting other communities and I think this is a great way to do so!

Which of their bags/ products do you like the best?


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    1. Aren’t they? I love the angles and how the stitching is incorporated:)

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