Doc McStuffins hits the road (Atlanta and more)


Disney has asked me to help promote the “Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile Tour”. All opinions expressed in the post are my own.

Disney Junior is currently on the road with The Doc Mobile Tour. It which allows kids and their families to experience Doc McStuffins activities focused on healthy living and well-being. My girls are always telling me how important it is to be healthy and have good habits. They like to analyze every meal and tell us what is a “woah food”, what is a “slow food” and what is a “go food.” We like that they are concerned about being healthy instead of being fat or skinny or any of those other ugly words.

Doc McStuffins and the Doc Mobile Tour are making their next stop in Atlanta! Followed up by (hopefully) a city near you.

Doc McStuffins on Tour

Kids will see just how “there’s so much you can do…to take care of you” For upcoming tour dates, please see below or visit Disney Junior.

The tour consists of a FREE family event:

  • Experience fun Doc activities focused on healthy living & well-being 
  • Kids can bring their toy for a check-up in Doc’s Mobile Clinic 
  • Upon arrival guests will be provided an hourly time-slot wristband to enter The Doc Mobile, on a first-come first-served basis. A standby option will also be available. 
  • This is an outdoor event, so please come prepared for very warm temperatures.

Tour Schedule

  • Atlanta– Saturday, September 14th 9:00am – 4:00pm Centennial Olympic Park
  • Washington DC-Tuesday, September 17th 10:00am – 4:00pm The Yards Park
  • Los Angeles- Thursday, September 26th 10:00am – 4:00pm The Grove
  • Phoenix– Saturday, September 28th 7:30am – 3:00pm Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center

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  1. Sounds like fun, and it is important to start teaching kids about healthy eating early!

  2. I really wish we could to the Atlanta stop but lacrosse, soccer and Scouts are getting in the way. LOL.

    My youngest really does love Doc McStuffins!

  3. My kids have never seen Doc Mcstuffins, but I have heard several people mention it. I really have to make a point to turn it on! It does not look like they are coming the Chicago area.

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Oh man, hope they make it to Florida one day soon

  5. This looks so fun! I’ll have to make sure all my Atlanta area friends know about this.

  6. I was just reading about this in our local paper. I think I know what I will be doing with the kids tomorrow. We have a few toys that could use a doctor’s visit!

    1. Did you get a chance to go? We weren’t able to make it, but I heard the lines were crazy long!

      1. We didn’t make it. After looking at the info, I suspected that there would be REALLY long lines. I didn’t think the kids would want to deal with that (and I didn’t want to deal with the kids not dealing with the lines well).

        We also got a bit of a late start that day, and I was worried that we might not even be able to get in at all before it closed for the day.

        Glad to hear that others braved the lines, though. Hope they had a great time.

        1. Bummer, but yes, I think I heard like 7000 people showed up! Crazy!

          I think the people that got in enjoyed it!

  7. Nothing in the NY/NJ area, I guess better luck next time.

  8. I love when the girls analyze meals. So glad they don’t use ‘ugly’ words and just know healthy options.

    1. Bummer it turned out to be so crazy. Too bad they couldn’t do a couple days here.

  9. My daughters love this show. they know all the songs and I love that it teaches kids about healthy choices and never to be scared to go to the doctors. I wish this tour was coming to our town, not only would my kids love it, but I think it would be a great family event.

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