Tips for visiting a Pick Your Own farm


We’ve had a tradition for quite some time that we go strawberry picking as soon as we know the strawberries are ripe and we can fit it into our schedule. The girls even know when it’s the right time of year. Because of the cooler spring, the picking season has only just started!

We are ready to go! 

Looking for some of the juiciest strawberry picking in Georgia? Lesli has 10 of the best places to go pick strawberries in Atlanta.

Tips for visiting a you pick 'em farm

During strawberry season, many farms are open daily for picking. They typically also have other items for sale at their farm stand including homemade strawberry ice cream and slushies, homemade strawberry jam, local honey, frog jam, preserves, salsas, and some fresh produce (depending on availability). Check out strawberry slushies which are a favorite with customers at strawberry farms! They also have a playground area, family swings, and a picnic area on site plus an area to view their farm animals.

Tips for visiting a pick your own farm

If you haven’t been to a Pick Your Own farm, I put together some helpful tips to make your picking experience a success.

Bring water to drink

It gets hot in the field very quickly. You will want to have water on hand to make sure nobody dehydrates.

Wear a hat / protective clothing / sunblock / sunglasses

Depending on your preference, make sure you have on a hat, sunglasses, protective clothing and or sunblock. We forgot to apply it one time and had terrible burns from being outside for just 30 minutes. There won’t be cover where you are picking berries so you need to be prepared.

Don’t eat the strawberries while picking them

You will want to be able to wash off all of the pollen and dirt from the fruit before eating it. As tempting as it is, try to wait until you can get home and wash them thoroughly.

Wear closed-toe shoes

You will be walking around a farm. There are roots and plants and insects crawling all around. You want to make sure your feet are protected.

Check first to make sure there are berries left

The last thing you want is to arrive to the farm and find that they’ve been picked over for the day. Give them a call or check their social media channels for last minute updates.

Wear a natural bug repellant

The humid nature of the farm seems to create a haven for critters…or my family is really attractive to them. Make sure you bring a natural outdoor spray (check out my recipe) to keep them at bay.

Bring your own bucket

Check with the farm to see if you can bring your own picking bucket to help with expenses and also the environmental impact of another basket.

Bring extra money

Make sure you have some extra money on hand for additional items available for purchase at the farm; many of them sell farm fresh eggs, herbs, local honey and other goodies you didn’t know you wanted.

Bring a camera

You’ll want to capture all of the fun memories at the farm with the kids. The camera on your phone will likely do, so make sure you don’t leave it in the car.

Bring wipes / paper towels

The berry picking process is hardly ever tidy and clean. You will want to be able to wipe off juice from random squished berries in the field or sticky hands from squeezing a little too hard.

Strawberry picking horizontal

Check to see if there is a local farm by you for picking strawberries and if you are in the Atlanta area!

Want to cook our favorite pie recipe? Check out my family’s strawberry pie recipe. It goes so far back we don’t even know who to credit!

Have you visited a pick your own farm? What tips can you share?

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    Fresh picked strawberries are the best. did you make a pie????

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