Cat wearing, it’s a thing!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cat’s Pride. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

We love our cat. Yep, even though she’s sometimes annoying (hungry or photobombing) or gross (hairballs and litter box), but most of the time, she’ll just sit close to you and enjoy your company. It’s crazy to think that’s she’s already been with us for 10 years (making Sasafras close to 11!)

One thing she would never stand for? Letting me wrap her up in a baby carrier and carry her around. My cat-niece, on the other hand, I think enjoying not having to move her chubby self around the house. She just sort of chilled in the carrier. No fighting, no trying to get out. She probably would have fallen asleep if I would have let her stay in there longer, but she was hot!

Cat wearing-it's a thing

One thing I’m not that big of a fan of is scooping her litter. So, I’m at an advantage right now as Mr. Serious has to do it while I bake this baby. Because, let’s face it? I’m still changing diapers, so he can deal with the litter for a while, right?

Cat's Pride Blogger Activiation

I have to share my “office” with the cat litter box, so it can’t smell because I can’t scoop it. We’ve been testing out Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Litter – the Fragrance Free Odor Control and the Quick Action litter. So far, so good. It is low-dust and quick clumping so it takes control of the smell quickly. Our cat could care less if her littler is scented, but I prefer the one that is lightly scented with a “clean” smell.

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light is up to 25 percent lighter than other scoopable clay litters (so the 15lb container will last as long as other 20lb containers). And it is the only litter recommended by the American Humane Association.

Take home message? It’s a slightly lighter than the litter we are used to and works just as well. That’s a winner!


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  1. I’ll be honest — I’ve never seen anyone wear their cat. ROFL

    1. I don’t think I have either…maybe we should make it a trend!

  2. Ok, that is adorable! I don’t think my cat would let us wear him, but you never know.

  3. lol! I have seen it all now!!! A few months ago I saw a lady at Home Depot wearing her dog! I do not have any pets because of my daughters allergies but the cat litter sounds like it holds up nicely!

    1. I think I’ve seen a dog-wearer, too!

      We can’t have dogs because of my allergies:)

  4. Ha! Two cats here and I can guarantee you that neither would want to be carried around the house.

  5. bwahahaha, I have never seen someone wear their cat before. I *may* have spit water on my monitor when I first saw that photo!

  6. Love the cat wearing! I have one kitten that loves to be held like a baby, but my older cat is all “NO HUGS, NOT EVER!”

    1. I bet your kitten would love it.

      Our cat is the same way. No hugs. She’s the boss. She picks where she sits and when.

  7. omg, I love it! We have 3 cats and I’m not sure that any one of them would let me do that! One thing that worked out great from my pregnancy is that my husband started changing the litter. My daughter turns 5 tomorrow and he STILL is the only one that changes it 🙂

    1. Oh, you are super lucky! I haven’t been that lucky between pregnancies…unless I ask:)

  8. That picture is just too funny.

    We are not cat people. Never have been. I can’t imagine having to deal with a litter box so we stick with dogs and outside potty breaks. 🙂

    1. I can’t imagine dogs…well, I’m allergic, but also, the picking up the poop in the yard..I couldn’t do that:)

  9. No cats here, but that cat wearing – awesome. I’d love to see people’s faces if you’d walk around in public like that!

  10. Oh my! My cats would have HATED that. They weren’t really what you would call “lap cats.” They were more of the “leave me alone, don’t touch me” types.

    1. Mine is a lap cat. But she gets to determine all of the details…where, when, who, etc.

      She would have hated it also!

  11. This is great to know. I also share space with the cat box and am always looking for ways to minimize sent and heft.

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