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We have a great backyard play area. And we also have had record breaking heat, swarming mosquitos, and a lot of rainy days. The girls are good at playing inside together, but sometimes they need to expend some energy while taking up a little space.

The girls have attended a gymnastics camp and they are in love, so when we were sent a Playaway Rainy Day® Indoor Playground to try out, they were super excited! I was too, because they are able to be active in the house (did I mention we don’t have a basement). Even better? Every part of the Playaway Toys are made in the USA!

Arm swinging

The base of the system is the support bar. In fact, all attachments require the Support Bar, which allows for a wide range of uses, and accommodates any standard doorway from 29″ to 36″ in width. And, it’s super easy to install with just a couple twists of the bar and pushing it between their patented feet. I didn’t have to use a screw or a drill and it’s up there. (It has been tested to support up to 1000lbs, but they tell you that you can use up to 175lbs. However, my husband, who weights more than that, did many pull-ups and exercises on it and it didn’t budge!)

I mounted the bar high up in our doorway so the husband doesn’t hit is head on it. In fact, it’s completely out of the way when there aren’t any attachments on it! If we had a door there, we would be able to close it without taking the Support Bar down. That’s my favorite feature!

The trapeze bar and handles were a big hit after that gymnastics camp. (There are actually two different attachments on the bar here. They are attached with pelican hooks, so you can easily swap them out or even use more than one at the same time.)

hanging upsidedown

We were sent the Family Value Package as well as a baby/toddler swing. This resulted in one very toddler because she could play on it, too. The bar that is higher-up and adjustable is perfect for hanging toys for B to ride in the swing when she sits up on her own and is a little taller (we have tried her in it and the harness goes over her head and she’s a little too short. I’m hoping they work on making the harness more like a 5-pt harness because I know little babies will enjoy it, too). 

toddler swing

It came with a traditional sling swing, too. The older two girls have to take turns on it because they both want to swing on it all the time. And, E likes to be pushed gently on the “big girl swing” too.

tummy swinging

There are also the straps and handles. They work really will for doing various push-up, pull-up exercises as well as abdominal work. I find myself walking past it and doing a couple pull-ups or push-ups just because it’s there! 

The biggest hit? The net swing. There are no fights about who gets to use it next because they all fit in it at the same time. And, they don’t mind if I relax in the hammock/net swing while I’m cooking dinner, right?

Swinging together | Playaway Review

The Playaway Toys system and accessories were originally created as a system for special needs activities and children. In fact, I know I saw the set-up at the high school I taught at several years ago. 

Special needs play: http://www.playawaytoy.com/specialneedsandtherapyproducts.aspx

Used successfully by parents and therapists, the Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground offers a unique suspension system. At the center of the system is the Support Bar, easily suspended in any doorway. Choose one of our attachments, hang it up and you have instant recreation! Why? To enhance early childhood development. Balance, early speech, and coordination. We strive to make learning fun! You’ll be amazed as you discover for yourself the wonderful difference the swing makes in your life. Unique in construction, this product is fun and brightly colored changing frowns into smiles. Durable craftsmanship to be enjoyed for many years. The Rainy Day Indoor Playground line balances and coordinates a child as he or she swings and uses the attachments.

Playaway Toys is the original creator of the indoor swing and has been manufacturing it for the past 17 years. Their rainy day indoor playground can be viewed at PlayawayToys.com. They pride themselves on providing QUALITY products that have been tested for SAFETY! ASTM, CPSIA, and FHSA Certified!

What rainy day activities do you have for your kids to keep them moving inside? Do you think the Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground would help at your house?

*We were sent the Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground to review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

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  1. Woah, my boys would have a field day on that!! My oldest might be a little too big, but my peanut would be in that all day long!

  2. My daughters would love that! Perfect for rainy days, or even the ones that are just way too hot to be outside!

  3. My son would have a field day with this. It is SO hard to keep him active inside (at least safely. He’d happily jump on beds or the couch all day long.)

  4. Instead of using this on a rain washed day, I’d rather use it on days we are stuck inside because it’s too hot to go out. Great way to play inside!

  5. I love that you could close a door if there was one there too, without it interfering. What a fun/useful product!

  6. What a great item for the house! Looks like the girls had hours of fun with that, although I suspect waiting for a turn can be rough!

  7. How fun!!! It’s definitely the rainy season here in Florida so this would be great to keep the kids busy.

  8. How fun is that! My girls would have a blast swinging around in that on a rainy OR a sunny day!

  9. What a perfect activity for a rainy day! Much better than sitting and playing with electronics!

  10. Wow, that certainly kept them entertained! My 17 month old would be all over that!!

  11. I love the net swing. I’ll be over to take a nap in that – so cool! I love that it came with so many accessories that the whole family can play with!

  12. Davey would love this! Perfect for rainy days! We currently do crafts, movies and play board games. This would definitely help burn off energy!

  13. This is really cool! It would keep my little ones busy for sure!

  14. This looks like fun! We don’t have a good spot in our house to do it though.

  15. rainy days is a great time to take long naps. But I know kids would rather play.

  16. Oh my, I kind of want to play with this! Awesome ideas.

  17. I am loving this! How cool to have a trapeze bar or swing inside

  18. Now that is something I would have loved to have had when I was little. Whether it was raining or not LOL

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  22. What an awesome toy!! I’m always afraid I won’t set it up right and my kid will end up falling. LOL

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  26. FoundProdigal (Nicolle) says:

    Is it wrong that I’m in my 30’s with no kids and totally want this for the hammock swing? LOL

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