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This weekend, we made fitness fun for some of our neighbors and friends. In my previous days, I was an adult group fitness instructor. This day, I was kid fitness instructor. 

We had eleven kids come over early Saturday morning to try out the new LeapFrog LeapBands we were sent. They are fitness trackers for kids, but so much more. Not only does movement allow the to collect Joules for their activity, they also have their own pet, a stop watch and a digitalized analog clock (here the watch is shown in the “locked” setting which is controlled by computer + parent dashboard. It can be locked at the times you specify for both bedtime and school!)

LeapFrog LeapBand

We broke up into teams on the law and had the LeapBand tell us how to get our move on. We wiggled like inchworms, hopped like frogs and jumped up and down. It was a little hard to hear the voice activated prompts over the kids, but we prevailed. And the kids got to check them out, too. 

FtiMadeFun LeapFrog LeapBand Review

The watch band is very sturdy and didn’t fall off when the kids were testing it out. We even did a little ChaCha slide and danced to a fun playlist and it wasn’t lost. You can see Red and his mama (@Redheadbabymama) getting down!

FtiMadeFun LeapFrog LeapBand Review

Even with the jumping! (Super Man is wearing it in both pictures!)

FtiMadeFun LeapFrog LeapBand Review

In addition to the dancing, which there was quite a bit of, we put together some other fun activities to keep us moving inspired by LeapFrog. We used the stop watch on the LeapBand and had the kids do each activity for 30 seconds. Ideally, they would do each for a minute and do the circuit 3 times. I guess this is a preschool/Elementary workout of the day!

10 activites to get kids moving

After our activities, we had some hungry and sweaty kids. They had some water and fruit infused water, along with make-your-own yogurt parfaits, mandarin oranges and CLIF Kids bars with protein. Everything was a hit. 

FtiMadeFun LeapFrog LeapBand Review Yogurt Parfait

I was so impressed so many kids like the parfaits and clementines. And, we only ended up with a few CLIF bars at the end of the party! Miss M, who can’t have gluten was so happy to have snacks that were okay for her to eat!

FtiMadeFun LeapFrog LeapBand Review

After our #Fitmadefun party, some of the kiddos came inside and played with the LeapBands (well, they were pushing buttons) and the LeapPad3 (check out our review with a video).

FtiMadeFun LeapFrog LeapBand Review Yogurt Parfait

The kids and grown ups alike had a fun time getting moving (we might have dance to “I like to move it, move it” a couple times, too)…we just need to keep ourselves and the kids inspired to keep moving!

Thank you to LeapFrog, CLIF bar, MommyParties and MomSelect for sending the LeapBands and CLIF Bars to get our party started!


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    1. So glad you all were able to come! And, that she had a snack to enjoy, too!

  1. How fun! Looks like everyone had a blast. I wish I had a yogurt parfait right now.

  2. What a great event/party to do! I love it! I got a first look at the LeapBands this summer and was really impressed!

  3. I love the idea of calling Jumping Jacks Star Jumps! We love our LeapPad3, and I’m sure my kids would enjoy these LeapBands, too!

  4. Getting kids to be active early is sooo important. I’m so glad that companies are focusing more on this now.

  5. That looked like it was so much fun. I bet my daughter would be all over that and the leapbands.

  6. What a great gift idea for this year…
    a sure way to keep them moving even if they can’t be outside running around!

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