6 Ways to Encourage Creativity through Imaginative Play with Littlest Pet Shop [VIDEO]


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My oldest two girls are getting older, but we have to remember they are still kids. They have great imaginations and creative sides and I like to foster that and encourage it as much as possible.

6 Ways to Encourage Creativity through Imaginative Play P

There are a couple things we do to encourage creativity through imaginative play.

Littlest Pet Shop Review

Have an inspirational space

I find that they are most inspired in spaces that aren’t mine. They need space to claim as their own. It’s usually not the neatest or tidiest space and I have to respect that their creative juices sometimes require a little mess. I think the space also needs to have low or no technology or television. We can work with music, though. Sometimes that helps inspire them even more.

Provide the time

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of going and having activities planned. Kids don’t need a fully entertained schedule everyday. As I’ve heard many times “I’m not the cruise director.” Given the time and opportunity, it’s amazing what kids can do. And, don’t worry, those couch cushions will eventually get back on the couch.

playing with the littlest pet shop

Give them room

Kids need the room and space to find their creative side. Don’t hover. See what they can do completely on their own. I’m certain you will be surprised and impressed. From ages 2 to 10 in our house, they all have their own amazing imaginative side and I love sneaking little pieces of it when they don’t know I’m paying attention.

Don’t make the rules

Yes, safety first. But after that, don’t tell them that a cat can’t bark or a bird can’t talk. Them them play how they want to play. They are stretching their brains. They are good at it and built for this. 

playing with the littlest pet shop

Join them

Kids love when adults play their games and with them. Get down on their level and let them tell you how you are to play. It’s surprisingly fun and odds are you will have a good laugh.

Have toys with multiple purposes

We’ve recently discovered the Littlest Pet Shop playsets and pets. They completely fit the bill. There are animals, but they can be people, pets, adults or kids. And, of course, one kid might see a cat and pig here and another will see a squirrel and a rock. You never know. But, having characters to play with and interact with other characters really helps kids talk through different situations and shows so many sides of their personalities. Sometimes our pets stay in their play sets and coffee house. Other times, they go on adventures way outside of their world and join ours.

Check out the video of our unboxing and play time!

These LITTLEST PET SHOP SINGLES come in an assortment of pets. In fact, they fans can collect exciting and adorable new pet pals with 40 unique pets offered this year, including a Labrador and Puffin in the Spring and a Jack Russell Terrier in the Fall. Each pet includes bobble-head motion and either a Deco Bits piece (like a popsicle) or accessory to inspire unique stories. One pet in each wave also includes a special deco treatment to look for and collect.

playing with the littlest pet shop

LITTLEST PET SHOP PET SHOP PLAYLET, shown here on the left, is multi-level pet shop is the ultimate hangout for pet friends — with the space to hold up to thirty pets. The features like the perch, swings, seesaws and hamster ball and accessories allow kids to to play out tons of awesome stories! Their pets can travel from the rooftop playground down to the second floor or main floor using the tube slide or enter through the swinging doors. 

Littlest Pet Shop Review

LITTLEST PET SHOP PAWRISTAS CAFÉ PLAYLET shown on the right above and below is a cool hangout that totally caters to pets! There is so much action to be created and the ‘Pawrista’ cat is ready to brew a cup-of-joe, serve tasty treats, or jump on stage at open mic night! 

Littlest Pet Shop Review

About Littlest Pet Shop:

Big adventures await Littlest Pet Shop pets in Downtown City! Littlest Pet Shop fans can collect a world of quirky and cute new pet friends in 2016 and bring their stories to life through new accessories, including thought bubbles and trendy Deco Bits. With so many pets to collect and so many stories to express, these Littlest Pet Shop pets have personalities larger than life! Collect over 300 pets and build out a unique and customizable Littlest Pet Shop world with accompanying playsets, vehicles, and accessories.

All four girls have been having blast with the pets and having them go on adventures. Sometimes the adventures they create and imagine are beyond anything I can even comprehend. And they have a great time doing it.

You can find Littlest Pet Shop on Hasbro.com: Littlest Pet Shop Pet Shop PlaysetLittlest Pet Shop Pawristas Café Playlet as well as on Instagram.

How do you encourage creativity through imaginative play?


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