Them’s Fight’n Words


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Mr. Serious loves the western movies.  He would be perfectly happy watching only that on tv (well, an occasional football or basketball game might be a suitable interruption).  The guns, the drawls, the fights, the spurs.  All of it.

Deadwood imageMy favorite is Doc Holliday.  He was so well rounded; gambler, gun-fighter, dentist and good friends with Wyatt Earp.  What’s not to love about a guy that can use a gun, risk all his money in a game of cards and clean your teeth?  Simultaneously, I’m sure.  And, I just recently learned, he was born in Georgia and had his dental practice in Atlanta.

I think we also like how they are “take care of their business” type of people.  They don’t let it linger.  If somebody was upset, at least in the movies, they didn’t ho-hum about it.  You knew it.  

Many weekends, Mr. Serious will try to watch an old western movie on tv.  Sadly, we don’t have cable.  So, he doesn’t get the really good ones.  I know he’d love to entire Deadwood series on DVD.  He’s always looking for westerns to watch, and most of the time, he settles on a rerun of something he’s already seen.  How awesome that the entire set is going to be a Gold Box deal on Amazon…today only!  Hmm…maybe Valentine’s Day will come with a gift for him.

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  1. Are you going to get Mr. Serious this? I also enjoy the old westerns. Joe’s favorites are the ones with John Wayne.

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