Ebeanstalk Review-Swirly Orb


How will you ever know if a toy is really a good toy? Will your child enjoy it? Is it a safe learning toy? Or do you just need ideas for baby gifts? Check out ebeanstalk. They can help you with all of your toy needs. And, they get their opinions from moms (and don’t we know that we are typically the most opinionated on these things).

Ebeanstalk sent me the Swirly Orb from International Playthings, one of manufacturers of baby toys. The toy is packaged for kids 6+ months.

As soon as the box arrived, I opened it and handed it to #2. #2 enjoyed picking it up with her hands and her feet. Her favorite part was the squeaky button on one end.

Of course, #1 had to make sure to explain how the toy worked to #2.

She enjoyed showing her how the little orbs twirled along the spokes as you flipped it up and down.

What the girls and I didn’t care for is that it looks like a ball, so they thought they could roll it. However, because of the spokes, it sort of hopped and jumped along on the floor. I guess we are people that like to roll our toys. Also, while the idea of the swirly effect was really cool, often the little trinkets would get stuck and you would have to push them down. This sort of killed the mood of the spinning action.

I was able to get them to play with it right when I handed it to them, but they really haven’t been interested in it since. Given the opportunity, I wouldn’t purchase this toy.

(But, you can still feel free to leave comments about the good looking kiddos..it’s been a rough week in our neck of the woods.)

The product featured in this review was provided free of cost to me by Ebeanstalk for the sole purpose of product testing. My opinion is mine and mine alone and was not influenced by any form of compensation.

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  1. Funny thing…a ball that doesn't roll…….or maybe just frustrating……….hmmm……the little darlings are adorable!

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