Sheepy pants meet sheep shirt (unicorns too)


We’ve been rocking the “sheepy pants” on E for quite a while now. So many advantages and so darn cute. Now that she’s getting older, it’s easier to find shirts and not have to make them from onesies.

We were recently sent the lucky sheep 100% organic shirt from KinderStuff to test out. We had to introduce our sheepy shirt to our sheepy pants. They agreed with each other. And, look super cute to boot.


The shirt fabric is some of the softest I’ve felt and very stretchy, too. This shirt is 12-18 months and I’d say it’s very true to size if not running a little big.

About KinderStuff:

All of the products are produced locally in the US & Germany and are organic=super soft. The really cool thing about KinderStuff is that when kids outgrown their clothing, you can send it back to them free of shipping charges in return for a discount on future purchases! They then take the returned clothing and donate it to charity, recycle it or resell it at a discount. I’m terrible at consigning, so I like being able to drop it in the mail with no fuss and getting a discount towards future purchases!

If you don’t want the adorable sheepy shirt, check out some of the others. Need a rainbow and unicorn day, they’ve got a shirt for that, too. (My reasons for not picking this shirt are two fold…1) I’m lazy with stain removal. 2) I had to get the sheepy shirt!)

rainbows and unicorns

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  1. I like the Pop Eddy pink bodysuit.

  2. Jessica B. says:

    I like the TUCK TUCK shirt for my son.

  3. Jessica O says:

    I like the Pink Pop Eddy bodysuit!

  4. Elizabeth M. says:

    i love the purple patch for my baby girl

  5. I would pick POP EDDY | PINK!

  6. Heather B. says:

    I love Stella, and the Patch shirts. So cute.

  7. Amanda Hoffman says:

    tuck tuck shirt

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