Have Answers, need Questions and a Prize


Well, this is really close to my 200th post. And, only one person suggested something, so, I’ll go with it.

I’ve already done 100 things about me, and I’m pretty sure I can’t come up with 200. So, how about a Q&A;? Anything is fair game…of course, I just might not answer it! So, you can ask your questions in the comments, or email me at reallyareyouserious@gmail.com. It’s your choice! And, have fun with it.

Dana asked for a deadline…so get those questions in by Saturday. I’ll work on them Sunday, and hopefully have a GREAT post for you Moday!!


Also, I forgot about this post trying to figure out the expression “raining cats and dogs.” I think Flip Flop Momma wins with the best explanation. So, Flip Flop, I need you to email me so I can send you your prize!!! I hope you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Bryan for the reminder (he’s the honorary runner up…just because he pestered me).

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  1. thanks for stealing the joy of being runner up.

    Q1 – Is it true that people from the south talker slower because they're not as smart as northerners?

    Q2 – Are Mickey & Minnie Mouse bf & gf or brother & sister?

    Q3 – If you had to sleep with George Costanza or Jessica Alba, who would you pick?

    Q4 – How long did it take your students to realize that you were pregnant?


  2. q1- what is the best thing about teaching, aside from the summers off?

    q2- what weird cravings have you had during this pregnancy?

    q3- where you do find your digital scrapbooking kits you use to design blogs?

    q4- what does Izzy think of being a big sister?

  3. First things first.
    May I please answer Bryan’s ? first?

    A1- False. People from the south talk slower because it takes people from the north longer to process the information. They are simply considerate of their less intelligent northern friends.(lol)

    Moving right along.

    Q1. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be and why?
    Q2. What are you hoping for…boy ot girl?
    Q3. Tell us a little about how you and hubby met?
    Q4. Love at first sight or he took a while to grow on you?
    Q5. What is the best marital advice anyone ever gave you.
    Q6. How did you get into blog design?

  4. I will totally be sending you some questions, you should edit and put a deadline, so you can get it going, and that way everyone who wants to ask knows to do it right away (since I’m the biggest procrastinator)

  5. hmmm we’re doing the same thing.

    copy cat 🙂 just kidding

    1. How come you live freakin 30 minutes from me, and we aren’t friends in real life? I don’t bite, and I really love wine.

  6. Let’s see…
    Are you sharing names that you’ve picked out for the baby? If so, what are they?

    Where do you want to travel? Wish just your hus? With kids?

    If you had an entire day to yourself, what would you do with it?

    K, that’s all I got! : )

  7. teaching chemistry… how much of the periodic chart can recount from memory 😉

    where did you go to college

    why chemistry…

    were you a mad scientist as a child…

  8. if we were face to face I could bombard you with questions.

    but right now my brain is full of mushy pre-schoolish material.

    Happy 100th;-)

  9. Yay! I love asking questions!

    1-What is your favorite magazine?

    2-What is your favorite drink? Alcoholic or non, doesn’t matter.

    3-Did you ever have to wear braces?

    4-What is your favorite thing to do when you get “me time”?

    5-What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

  10. anglophilefootballfanatic.com says:

    I’ve always been curious why you live so far from home by choice? And, what do YOU think baby #2 is?

  11. Growing up.. what kind of man did you imagine marrying?? And did you marry that kind of man?

    How many kiddos would you like to have?

    Did you know I’m a sucker for little girls with red hair.. * wink wink *

    What is the most important thing someone has ever told you?

    What was your wedding song? What song did you dance to during the father/daughter dance.. guessing that you had one ( cause I didn’t)?

    How are these questions.. LOL LOL LOL??

  12. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Q: You have a day off, alone, what DO YOU DO?

    Q: What DON’T you blog about?

    Q: Why do you rock SO MUCH?

  13. Hmmmmm….this ought to be an interesting post – can’t wait to read! Okay – randomness:

    1. How many boyfriends did you have before you met the love of your life?

    2. Do you prefer baths or showers?

    3. Are you high-maintenence or low-maintenence?

    4. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

    5. What is it that you spend money on (doesn’t matter how much/little) to indulge yourself?

    6. Favorite Restaurant?

    7. Have you ever jumped off a cliff?

    8. Have you ever volunteered anywhere and why?

    9. If you could have chosen any (other)profession, what would it be?

    10. What are the names you have picked out for baby?? 🙂

  14. Favorite pair of shoes?

    What is the first thing you want to drink/eat after the baby is born?

    If you could have a whole afternoon to yourself, what would you do and why?

    Can’t wait to read your answers!

  15. Do you think you’ll ever move back to Texas? If so, when? If not, why?

    How many children would you ideally like to have?

    What is the most romantic thing Matt has ever done for you?

  16. q. do you think izzy will be as vicious to her bro/sis as you were to yours?

    q. what’s so bad about living in texas?

    q. is there a specific family memeber that you are trying to stay away from by being in atl?

    q. why did papa bear tell david the baby names?

    q. can i hurt him for that?

    q. how many kids do you guys want to have?

    q. do you plan on having them all 2 years apart?

    q. what is your favorite memory of matt?

    q. what is your least favorite memory of matt?

    if you want me to ask more i sure can!!!!

  17. Ok, I emailed you my questions. Mine are the best. :o)

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