Let Them Be A Super Hero at School


Even though I’ve been a mom for almost 6 years, this is the first time I’ve had to pack lunches for the girls. It’s a little overwhelming, but they love it. Now, a cool lunch has to be packed in the coolest of lunch bags. 

When we were introduced to SuperMe messenger style lunch bag, there may or may not have been a discussion about who this lunch bag belonged to. It was decided #2! They had been to a super hero camp this summer, and were so pumped with their capes, that I knew this would be right up their alley.

Not only is is a fun lunch bag, or just carrying bag for small items, but it also includes the fun of superhero dress-up play. With the buckles attached, it’s a fun lunch bag with a padded shoulder hang to go across your body (so those little hands don’t drop it).

SuperME messenger style lunch bag

When unbuckled, you have a lunch bag that looks a little like a grown up briefcase and a cute little waist pouch for holding all things important (with a couple elastic loops for writing utensils). They also haveinterchangeable superhero symbols in the form of Velcro patches, so kids can decide just which super hero they want to be and when.

SuperME messenger style lunch bag

Our super hero wasn’t feeling like posing for her picture, but she did carry the bag on her shoulder.

SuperME messenger style lunch bag

She’s spent most of her time using it as a bag and not a lunch bag as much. Her big sister used it one day for lunch, too. I wouldn’t recommend using it for larger bento box style lunches. The containers don’t quite fit. But smaller containers or bag would be perfect. Underneath the front buckles are two generous pockets that are perfect for keeping a drink upright which I really appreciate. There is also a zipper on the main pouch to keep things extra secure. It turns out, this zipper is extra handy. Both of our girls had a hard time with the buckles on the front of the lunch bag (despite being able to unbuckle carseats and more). I think it was the fact that it was up again something and they had a hard time getting their hands around it. Because the zipper is there, you can just leave these unbuckled. (My oldest just unlaced the buckles and opened it that way.) I’ve also been told they are considering other options for future versions to help little hands.


Overall, it’s a very cute lunch bag and regular bag in which my girls are having fun using their imagination, so I’d say the goal has been achieved.

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