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Readeez makes reading fun and musical {review and giveaway}


What do you get when you combine, fun, easy, not annoying songs, words on the screen as they are read to you and a fun dad/daughter combination that is ready to help you read? (sorry, run-on).  You get Readeez.


As soon as the girls put the DVD in (which you can also get as an instant download into your iTunes account, or put into the videos file on your computer), they were drawn in. The illustrations are simple yet professional. The stories were cute and catchy. The interactions between the dad and daughter weren’t dumbed down. The videos go with the words on screen as they are either spoken or sung. It really is so very well done.  

When Mr. Serious saw it and heard it, he was immediately impressed and amazed that it was produced by Michael, the founding father, in his own home recording studio. (Go read his story. It really is a good one. A little humor, all honesty, and a sense of knowing him right away).

What Readeez says about Readeez:

1. They’re truly entertaining. Kids adore the original songs and characters in Readeez. They love watching—and the more they watch, the more they learn.

2. Words are the stars. Text is the dominant element onscreen. Big, clear text. In fact, Readeez are more like books than they are like other videos.

3. Readeez use SyllableSync. With this breakthrough technique, kids both see and hear each syllable of each word. Simultaneously.

And, yes, we really couldn’t agree more. When your kids love the music and the words on the screen with it, and you find yourself signing along (and not annoyed), it’s definitely a good thing.

I think the pictures speak volumes. The girls wanted to watch them every chance they could get! The 5 year old is already reading fluently and really enjoyed reading and singing along.

Readeez review and giveaway

Our three year old is at the stage where she likes to repeat over and over until she really gets it. And, at this age, it’s really important and gets her remembering.

Readeez review and giveaway

I originally only had it installed on our laptop that they can use and now, it’s installed on our laptop, a tablet I won, and our phones. They are eating it up, and I love it.

Readeez review and giveaway

There are three DVD/video volumes as well as a CD of the favorite music to jam along with in the car. I find myself singing along, too (modes of transportation is really catchy and there are a couple samples there, too).


Take home message? The girls love Readeez and get excited when they are given the chance to watch it. And, we like that they like it and that they are really learning while they are using it.

*I received a set of Readeez to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Claiborne says:

    Nursery rhymes. 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of these before but they look perfect for my emergent reader! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m a little obsessed with Nickelish. I’m so in love with this company right now! My girls would love every last song, even the Mail Chimp one =)

  4. Barbara @ Atlanta's Frugal Mom says:

    “Tonight and Every Night” looks super-cute — I’m always looking for new ways to keep my precocious little girl interested in reading. This looks AWESOME! :o)

  5. Love the mix of music and reading

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