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After having a discussion with friends about car seats, we thought it was pretty funny that we all survived riding on our parents’ laps, not being buckled in, sitting in the rear window and more.

So, did we decide to let #2 rid shot gun?

Of course not. But she did look pretty cute all buckled in, didn’t she?

The real reason she was up there? #2 and #1’s car seats were next to each other. It was cute for a while when #1 would hold #2’s hand.

Then, #2 realized she didn’t want her hand held, and #1 didn’t understand why.

So we finally initiated a move of the car seats. And, because she is mobile, strapped in the car was the best option!

Now? The girls can’t hold hands anymore, and pretty much everyday, #1 reminds us “Mommy, you moved #2. I can’t reach her!”

My response? “That’s right!”


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  1. Your girls are too cute! Look at that huge smile! 🙂

  2. Oh that is cute! My baby spends countless hours sitting in the front, when our car is parked in our laneway. He loves being in the car, playing, touching things. Of course, I am right there with him!

  3. That's precious!
    I love the things kids say xo

    We had to move our kids apart, too 😉

  4. We have 3 kids in the back and every time, whenever we go anywhere, we have to make sure no one is hitting/pinching/even kicking each other. It makes road trips fun.

  5. Does Izzy's hand holding demands ring any bells to the torture you put my fingernails through? I sure do think with Blubs closing doors and Sampson being her very own independent little lady that they have just a wee bit of Auntie Em's semiOCD habits in them!

  6. Ours are each lobbying to sit next to the new baby when she is born. I'd like some king of forcefield to protect the midget from projectiles and physical assults. Child four has pretty much made the nec. of the minivan clear (even to me) and I am doubly grateful for the captain seats in the second row. Now I just have to deal with "near" and not nec. "right next to."

  7. Ha Ha! When I was little we had seat assignments in our mini van and were stragetically placed according to who got along best with who. I guess it worked for the most part but we did hear the occassional "Sit on your hand!"

  8. A real sibling spat! At least it resulted in yet another adorable photo of your girls 🙂

  9. ahhh the good ole days…it's sooo not like that anymore huh?

    and pretty sure that's the sweetest shot gun passenger i have ever seen!

  10. I have had to move my children around in the car multiple times to force them to keep their hands (and other body parts!) to themselves! Now I just can't wait until I can flip Charlie around.

  11. And I think going from Odyssey to Jetta that is what I miss the most – the fact that they could not really touch each other in the van. But it's still nice to be in a car again…even if I get to sound the stereotype mom "Don't touch your sister/brother!", "Hands to yourselves!", and all the other variations. 😉

    She's a cutie!

  12. Sparkette says:

    LOL! Cute picture. Long trips the two of mine get split up so I don't have to hear "He/She touched me!!" 🙂

  13. "I can't reach her." Haha!

    Yeah, it's amazing we survived our childhoods, huh? My seat belt was my mother's right arm flinging out in front of my sister and me in the front seat whenever she had to brake suddenly.

  14. You are so wise! I can only imagine that some days are worse than others with siblings riding next to each other. =:o

  15. Aww but she looks so happy to be riding up front!!! lol
    That is so cute Izzy wanted to hold her hand! Poor Izzy she got rejected by her sister!

  16. It is kinda crazy to think that as kids, we weren't even strapped into the seat belt most of the time!

    She is so cute strapped in!

  17. She DOES look cute up there in the front seat! 🙂 We still have our two kids right side by side…and so far they USUALLY get along!

  18. That's why I opted for an inline double stroller instead of a side-by-side… hehe.

    It's so sweet that they love each other so much though!!

  19. Jillian, Inc says:

    Too cute. I have some great memories of standing in the front seat of our red 1968 Chevy Impala between my mom and dad, all the windows down, listening to Patsy Cline on the radio.

  20. So does look super cute and growing so fast! Hope this arrangement works better 🙂

  21. What a darling picture.
    Your girls are precious.

    I know the car seat rules are for safety but I am so glad they didn't have them when my kids were small. I always held my wee one in my lap as we traveled with the older kids spread out on a blanket in the back of the station wagon playing games.

    Life was great and we did not even know our travel methods were dangerous. We surely had fun.

    I hope this finds you all doing well.

  22. I remember my parents had a big ol' station wagon that we would hang our feet out of the back window and wave to the cars in back of us. Nice.

    I am actually pretty thankful for carseats (although they take up a ton of room and are actually kind of a pain in the tush) because I think I would go crazy with my boys crawling all over the minivan while I drove. Egad!

    Adorable picture. 🙂

  23. That's cute! TigerBoy loves riding in the front seat……(not literally, of course…….just moving the car in the driveway)
    I enjoy having a car seat that TigerBoy cannot unbuckle. The lap level part too a very long time for me to be able to easily manage…..but there's no way TigerBoy could get out en route!

    Krystyn, can you come and readd your entry for the second picture on my blog. I realized that I had to adjust the MckLInkys…………all part of the learning curve! Thanks for coming to enter!

  24. It is a wonder we all survived don't you think?? I don't think I even had a carseat until I was 3 months old.

    Love that little N. Her smile is just infectious!

  25. so cute! We had to do the same thing with cupcake after she was born and Punky wanted to do bother while she was sleeping. She didn't understand but now that her brother is in the middle with her, she doesn't miss Cupcake. Now she just fights with Chicken all the time! ;oD

  26. I seem to remember you sitting on the floor with Emily at your side picking at her fingernails. She really didn't like it that much.

  27. Yikes! Remember getting to ride around in the back of a pick-up truck? It truly is a wonder we survived our childhoods. 🙂

    I love that N "realized" she didn't want her hand held… Too funny.

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