PSF-I think she finally likes it


(It’s going to be hard to do better than the hippo post…I’m going to try, though!)

Since we’ve moved to our house, almost 2 years ago, #1 has really disliked our backyard.

Not because of the atmosphere or the fun playground, but because the people that live behind us have a fur baby.

A fur baby named Jack…Jack the Beagle. Who barks if the wind blows too hard.

So, every time we go in the backyard, Jack barks at #1. And, she’s been terrified.

When our neighbors are home and hear Jack barking, they’ve started putting him inside. Now, #1 can enjoy the backyard. Finally.
Thank goodness.
And even playing with the rope. “Look, I’m swinging like Spiderman.” Yes, we tell her it’s Superman, but she doesn’t get it!
And so far? #2 likes the backyard, too!

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  1. what wonderful pictures, I laughed out loud at the first picture. and i love the last one
    great photo friday

  2. Those are great! Izzy always looks like she is having the best time ever. She seems (at least in her pictures) to be a very happy child. Beautiful!

  3. Such pretty girls!!
    I’m so glad she is starting to like the backyard!! I remember all the old posts about that “fur baby” and how she hated it!!
    Adorable pics!

  4. Dennis and Leslie says:

    Is she sticking her tongue out at Jack? 😉 So cute…

  5. And it only two almost two years! Glad you guys are finally getting a chance to enjoy the backyard. Oh, and Melody’s favorite game is to play Superman too…only she calls herself Supergirl after Jack informed her that he’s the real Superman!

  6. I am glad they like the backyard. Chandler loves to play on her playground, but we already have mosquitos really, really bad!!

  7. I’ve always wondered why some kids are afraid of dogs…but then I realize that duh – the dogs are as big if not bigger than the kids!!

  8. Yeah dogs can be a bit scary for the little ones. My son loves them, unless they are up close…then he isn’t too sure! great pictures, you can see the pure joy on her face!

  9. Izzy’s hair is getting so long. And I am loving Ns chunky little legs. Such beautiful little girls.

  10. Gorgeous girls – love the chubby little legs on Nat!
    Enjoy the yard lots this summer!

  11. It looks like she definitely enjoys it now! What sweet girls you have

  12. Yeah for the backyard! We are trying to get it ready for Mags to play in – now we just have to get her to like grass!

  13. i was ready to say how stinkin cute izzy is and then that pic of nat melted my heart!!

    you are seriously blessed with two of the cutest girls EVER!

  14. I’m so glad your neighbors were willing to do that. I’d hate for that fun playscape to go to waste! Great pics!

  15. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Oh those girls are beyond cute with their big smiles! Isn’t warm weather the best?!

  16. Seeing those big smiles makes me smile too:)

  17. Love it….

    I love your blog and have enjoyed reading it.
    I am still a new blogger but leaning new things each day.
    I hope you will stop by and visit me.
    The May give away has started….and next week I will be blogging from Disney World.

  18. Awe what sweet pictures and it looks like an awesome backyard that any kid would love.

  19. I am not a dog hater! I will pet and ohh over them. But… the barking has to stop. I have no good advice for you on this. I imagine that it bothers the owners too. This is why they kick the dog to the backyard!!

    I wonder if you can make friends with the doggie? Maybe some treats or a new toy for it? Couldn’t hurt. The barking would drive me nuts. They sell a dog toy that you can hide treats inside. The dog has to really work at it to get the food…. this would keep him busy. Let the owners think you are being nice to the pooch because he is so cute!!!

  20. And.. beautiful picks!!! What a sweetie! I can’t wait for the summer swimsuit shot.

  21. ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!!!!!! Your girls are just a little slice of heaven, I tell ya!!

  22. I’m so glad your neighbors are kind enough to put the dog up. And I think your daughter is very intelligent to be afraid! Look how utterly adorable she is:)

  23. Your kids are adorable 🙂 Just popped in because I liked your comment on TuTu’s Bliss about breast feeding. Nice “meeting” you 🙂

  24. OMG… Nat is getting so big. I love the smiles the girls wear. So sweet.

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