I breathed them in.


Mother’s Day? A bit of a disappointment, but that is neither here nor there.

What I did to make up for it?

I realized that Mother’s Day needs to be about me and my love for them.

So, even though I was upset, I loved them. I held them a little tighter and broke the rules.

They stayed up late playing with friends and still got cuddles. No rushed bedtimes, no hurried hugs and kisses.

I read to #1 and #2, then rocked #2 to sleep. Where I held her in my arms much longer than I should have. And, I put my face to her little head, and I just breathed.

I savored the time, loved my cuddles and just held my baby girl. Because, before I know it, she won’t be a baby girl anymore, and she won’t want the cuddles. So, even though it wasn’t the Mother’s Day I hoped it would be. I was thankful for the very reasons that made me a mother.

Did you notice my present to myself? I bought my own domain name…woo hoo. So, please update your subscriptions and all that fun stuff. Now it’s just www.reallyareyouserious.com!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t ideal but this post is the essence of motherhood. So sweet… Hugs! : )

  2. Your Mother’s Day sounds like mine…a bit disappointing overall, but it definitely had its precious moments.

  3. Sorry to hear that your Mother’s Day was not all that you had hoped for! We did a little rule breaking over the weekend too, mostly it was because I didn’t want to be the bad guy on my day! Glad you were able to enjoy your adorable little girls!

  4. I know how you feel about the day. It wasn’t disappointing so much as not much different than any other day. I did realize though that my “present” for mother’s day is actually getting to be a mom at all. I know it sounds corny but Maggie was my present.

    Congrats on your own domain name! So exciting for you!!!!

  5. Such a sweet post! How did you buy a domain name??

    Love, Mere

  6. My mother’s day was pretty rotten, too. And, like you, I spent the evening rocking my overtired, teething baby to sleep. I didn’t have time to breath, but I enjoy the moments I have with just her. Too often I have to rush around and care for the others and I don’t feel like she gets much attention as a baby like the others did.

  7. I do that all the time when I’m not happy. A snuggle and some giggles always helps me feel better. xoxo

  8. Aw, so sweet, honey! Sometimes all we need is to be with our little munchkins.

    And cool about your domain!!! How lucky are you?!

  9. Oh, wow…I think we all sound the same. My wasn’t as I wished it either..but you shall here about that soon! Glad you got your domain name…that’s Exciting!

  10. Mine was the same. I was pretty disappointed until I called my mother and she reminded me that it should just be about me taking care of myself because that doesn’t happen the rest of the year.

    I shouldn’t make other people responsible for taking care of me for the day… even though that’s what I really wanted.

    Fun getting your domain name!

  11. Sorry that it wasn’t all you hoped it would be, but congrats on the domain name – that’s exciting!

  12. Nothing better than snuggling your babies – even after a not-as-planned day. It seems we all (moms) have these grand expectations of special days to come (like M-day and birthdays) and nothing seems to go as planned. I learned that (almost 4) years ago and try to let the little things not bug me. Easier said than done, admittedly though. Have a great week ahead!

  13. I’ll be posting about Mother’s Day later, but yes, i think most of us can relate to that………I’d have to say it was the best of times and the worst of times!!!

    However, I treated myself with TigerBoy the day before. TigerDaddy was working overtime, so it was just the 2 of us……..I treated myself and the little guy!

  14. I am so glad that you just took in the moment and breathed them in. Someone who is not a mom may not understand that but there is nothing like that scent.

    Congrats on your gift to yourself!

  15. That is so sweet! Mother’s Day was a let down here too.

  16. Those little moments are the best. They come when you don’t expect them and you take them while you can, ‘cuz yes, they grow up too fast.

  17. Aww, I’m sorry it was a bit disappointing, but good for you for savoring the moments that really matter anyways. 🙂

  18. A disappointing Mother’s Day…seems to be the trend, we had an issue here too. Very cool about the domain though. And regardless of the rest of the day, the snuggles and cuddles are totally priceless!

  19. happy mama’s day friend – you celebrated the exact reason we have this day – breathing them in 🙂

  20. Sorry you didn’t have the “ideal” Mother’s Day; like the one we envision in our minds the other 355 days of the year! I have had a couple Mother’s Days where I felt the same way, but you are right. We have to just be thankful and feel blessed for the children we are Mother’s to. This year my husband actually let me lay in bed until 10am, cooked breakfast, brought me flowers, and did the dishes all day, then took the girl’s to the park and left me alone. I have to say that was the hardest part to do! I felt so strange being alone for 3 hours! I was kind of going a little crazy…HA!

    I hope you have a better day next year! Maybe you could just tell your husband how you wish your day would go and see if he can make you happy by doing what you actually want him to do. Is it wrong to ask hubby’s that?

  21. MamabearMills says:

    i agree…kids grow up way too fast! my mother's day was a tad bit "sucky" as well. but it didn't matter. I just wanted my baby love!!!

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