Oh, PJ’s how you’ve wronged me!


I wanted pizza last night, so we ordered some from Papa John’s (typically my fav). They’ve been advertising the new whole wheat crust. It’s supposed to be so good and yummy.

Guess what? Notsomuch! It takes like cereal. It’s doable with the toppings, but the crust is my favorite part, and now I have to gag it down.

The good thing? It is sooooo filling, you can only eat two pieces without your stomach exploding.

So, bottom line? If you are trying to be healthy, but still want to splurge on pizza (and make a huge sacrifice for taste), go for it. Otherwise, get the regular crust and enjoy yourself.

I’m contemplating calling and telling them it sucks. They said if you don’t love it, your next pizza is on them. What do you think? Call and complain, or keep it to myself?

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  1. my favorite is thin, thin crust, light sauce, cheese, green peppers and onions, i could eat nothing else for a year. i swear.

  2. If you typically like wheat and it was just their wheat – definitely call and complain. You never know when you might want a free pizza!

    Pizza Hut is my fav…

  3. I’m not a huge Pizza person to begin with… and actually for some reason PJ’s is my least fav (I guess steph and I were brought up on Pizza Hut bc the are my fav to!) but I would call and complain! If youre a pizza lover and they didnt deliver what they advertise, why not?!?! sorry your pizza sucked 🙁

  4. Anonymous says:

    DON’T COMPLAIN! It’s something grandma would do.

  5. I say let them know! I’m not a big fan of PJ’s, but if you are.. they need to know!

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