WordFUL Wednesday


We were lucky to have some beautiful fall weather this weekend.  And, I got a couple good shots of #1 in the fabulous fall sunlight.

DSC_4527 DSC_4520 DSC_4524

Later Sunday evening, she started complaining of a headache.

She got sick at school yesterday, but had no other symptoms.

She said she didn’t feel good today when I picked her up from school.

We got home and she hung out on daddy’s chair.

Then she wanted to be held and cuddled.

And, today, I crossed a new threshold into motherhood. 

#1 got sick again.  All.over.me.

So not fun.

Thank God she’s cute and adorable and cuddly!


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  1. Such good pictures! I hope she feels better soon! Nothing is worse than big kid vomit! So sorry you had to experience that!

  2. Cute pics (as always!) and I hope she feels better!

    So sorry she got sick on you…

  3. So sorry she's sick, but a word of encouragement: my brother's kids ALL got sick on him, too, but… IN…HIS…MOUTH.
    Now, if that doesn't make you want to vomit yourself just a little bit…

  4. Aw poor poor Isabelle! Feel better sweetie! You are one tough mommy!

  5. Aw, poor girl. Those are great pictures! I'm sorry she got sick, though. Especially all over you! Yuck.

    I hope she's feeling better soon!

  6. Great Pictures! I hope she is better soon! I hope it is NOT the FLU! That seems to be taking KIDDOS here a LONG time to get over!

    I am sorry you entered that threshold of MOMMYHOOD….IT is NOT a DOOR I LIKE OPENING!

  7. Poor Izzy. And poor you. I crossed that threshhold when Jack was about 18 months. Kudos to you for avoiding it for 3+ years! Hope she's feeling better.
    Pictures are great…she's looks so adorable and the sun makes her hair look even more stunning!

  8. Poor thing (you and Izzy..lol)
    That is the worst..Landon woke up one morning and walked in to my room and told me he didnt feel good..as I was rolling over toward him, he threw up ALL over me, my bed, my pillow, EVERYTHING! (I know you wanted that mental picture!)
    Hope she is feeling better..she is just too darn cute to feel sick 🙁
    love the pics!!

  9. These pictures are great. Did you ask her to pose for the last one? I especially like the one in the middle.

  10. mrs. hils says:

    Sorry about the puke. It is hard to believe it would come out of the same beautiful girl in that middle picture!

  11. I just recently learned that toddler vomit is WAY different than baby vomit. I hope she feels better soon!! And she is workin' those sunnies! F.I.T. (fashionista in training) : )

  12. Oh no! I'm sorry about "the incident" and that Isabelle isn't feeling well! Those pics are adorable and I hope she feels better soon (for both of your sakes=))!

  13. I hope she feels better soon. Love her red hair and curls!

  14. you have been ignitiated and hope that your little gal gets to feeling well soon

  15. Aww, poor sweet girl. And poor mom, too!
    Hope she feels better soon!

  16. Oh wow, that's definitely a whole new frontier! I probably would have joined her, too, if that had been me! Hopefully she's feeling better ASAP!

  17. I am sorry that she is sick….and that she got sick on you…yuck.

    Yes, she surely is a doll.

    I hope that she gets better soon and that the rest of you don't get sick too. Hugs, Lura

  18. That's really never happened to you before? It's not a Snellings Family Vacation if I don't get thrown up on at least once! I hope she feels better soon!

  19. oh no oh no oh no!! please promise me i don't have to cross this mommy threshold!! nooooo!!!

    sorry friend. for both of you!

    hope she is feeling much, much better!

    ps – the middle pic is my new all time favorite

  20. Hope she feels better. The pictures are beautiful.

  21. cute pictures! I'm sooo sorry she's sick…and got sick all over you!

  22. She's so adorable! And welcome to that new threshold – it totally re-defines the term "unconditional love".

    Hope she's feeling better soon!

  23. Just started reading your blog, almost named mine the same thing:-) I feel like I am constantly saying'"seriously???"
    Have been there before with my daughters getting sick, not fun but I also had a student get sick on me when I was teaching, your own kid is sooooo much easier to stomach!

  24. Oh dear! I hope she's feeling better by now. Sick kids are SO adorable….yet SOOOO draining on mom!! Hang in there.

  25. Such cute pictures………

    And so sorry….I'm at 3+ years without crossing myself….but I know my time will come…..

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