Mommy and Me- The 15th Edition


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

It was already Sunday and I realized I didn’t have a picture. 

I politely handed over my our camera and asked the girls if they would take a picture with me.

They both obliged.  However, once they realized I meant it (and that it would delay their ice cream) they weren’t too pleased.

Mommy and Me....with the girls

Apparently, I am quite the company for a photo with my girls.

They are almost smiling.

Well, maybe they just didn’t want to sit that close to me.

That's bettter.

*And, now you all see just why I wear my sunglasses for outside pictures.  I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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  1. Your matching pink outfits are great – and can you really blame them? Their ice cream was delayed! I probably would have been a little ticked too!

  2. LOL! To funny, I would have been frowning to if you kept me from my ice cream. I love you all in the pink. Your blouse is really cute Krystyn.

  3. Ice cream is way more important!!! The pics are too cute!!! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!

  4. Ha Ha!
    And do I ever know how THAT feels…some days, having your picture with the kids is torture! For them!

  5. That picture is hillarious! The expression on your girl's faces are priceless!
    Hey I left you something on my blog 🙂

  6. Such cute pics! My kids often feel the same way about me!!! love your hair cut!

  7. I know it's probably not supposed to be funny but I love how they have the same non-pleased expression in the first picture.

  8. I LOVE the expressions in that first picture!!! Way too funny and cute! "Seriously Mum?! We Actually have to delay ice cream for THIS?"

  9. How did you get your facebook Like button on the right? I cannot figure it out. I would love input. 🙂

  10. Sparkette says:

    That's funny 🙂 Sassy! Taking them away from ice cream! LOL! 🙂

  11. Love the photo! Where did you get your shirt? I want it!

  12. I'm with them…ice cream first, photos later! Although with cute outfits like that, ice cream is a danger!

    Hope y'all are having a great long weekend!

  13. Oh my GOSH!! those were seriously too cute!!!! They are so adorable!!! I'm bad about having my picture taken. I need to learn to do that more!!

  14. Your two girls are just precious!! I need to get better at being in our photos instead of always being behind the camera!

  15. Love these! The second picture is priceless! I must remember for next week! I have a buch of just my kids from this week!

  16. I hate that squinty feeling in the sun. But the first picture is hilarious. Ah, mommy and me as in really grumpy kids who'd rather eat ice cream. Ha!

  17. Love the faces. And your blouse, too!! Too cute!

  18. Y'all are adorable!

    And seriously made me laugh–I love it!

    ps-LOVE your haircut!!

  19. And that, my friend, is a Kodak moment. Such love in these pictures. SUCH.LOVE.

    P.S. Are they already teenagers or something? 😉

  20. this is hilarious! their faces made me laugh out loud…but, i can honestly say i would probably have felt the same way – ha! LOVE your short hair – too cute!

  21. Very sweet. I'm sure it was the sun..and not You!! ha ha

    I'm lovin' the red hair. I'm just a tad partial! 😉

  22. How cute are you gals in your pink? Love it!

  23. That first picture just cracks me up. You look so pretty and smiling… and the girls look so disgruntled…especially Izzy. So funny. The last picture is cute but it is the first one that has me laughing.

    thanks for the smiles
    Hugs, Lura

  24. My first time to join your meme. I think itscute and fun to show pictures with mommy and its a challenge as well. Anyhow, I like the third picture you guys are smiling. and the second one is kind of cute with the baby crying. We get that most of the time. hehe

  25. HAHAHA!!! Very cute. I think they were being pretty darn good considering they were expecting ice cream. 😉

  26. how dare you delay there ice cream for a picture? what kind of mean mommy are you??


    ps – loving the summer hair. need to call for mine asap!!!

  27. I love the coordinating pink-ness! I just can't pull a stunt like that with my boys…at least if my husband is anywhere close!

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