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Rules For Being A Kid #PopsicleRules


Rules for Being a Kid #PopsicleRules #ad

Being a kid is hard. So is being a mom. There are so many rules. But, the hardest rules to follow? Rules for being a kid!

Rules for being a kid

I had my oldest two daughters write down their “rules for being a kid.” Then I had the oldest type them up. I polled my Facebook friends and got a few more and I added some of my own to the list. 

Then, we printed them up, cut them up and put them in a hat. The oldest and I took turns reading these “rules” and her commentary added was hilarious! Not to mention the 5 year old sister standing behind the camera laughing like a hyena!

You know you want to check out the combined rules. {if you are in your email or reader, make sure you click over to watch this craziness!}


NickMom and Popsicle want you to submit your own Rules for Being a kid on social media using #PopsicleRules and #contest and tagging @NickMom.


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  1. I love your rules! Our blankies DO go everywhere, and Red and I BOTH have one. We’re still learning to take our time with everything. It usually means you are doing a great job! Fabulous video girls, from the intro to the rule-reading to the camera-woman styling!

  2. Sometimes we have “talk in a British accent day” in our house & other silly things like that. Just to change it up.

  3. I love the rules for being a kid! But the boys in my house think that you should always sleep in the clothes you wore all day (you know, ‘cuz they take a shower in the morning so their hair looks good for school!)

  4. I love, love LOVE your rules! This post cracked me up 🙂

  5. So cute!!! I love your daughter’s maniacal laugh at 1:35ish 🙂 and thanks for the laugh track, N! Your daughter reads out loud very well… I still have trouble reading things out loud, and I’m 30!
    Btw – Anna watched this with me, and was SO EXCITED to see her friend. I hope to see you girls soon!

  6. How cool! We have been popsicle eating for week now, daddy Mitch grabbed a few coupons at an event! It is a great snack for the kids. As far as rules, that is all I give my son all day long! I am a tough dad!

  7. Yep, the cackling 5yr old is my favorite part. And, I need a house with 7 rooms!

  8. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I love these rules, especially the “Always tell Mom you love her” 🙂 Thanks Isabelle!!!

  9. Adorable. Their laughter is contagious. And I think I like the Disney Princess dress rule. I think I will add one to my birthday list this year.

  10. YES, play and leave the clean up for later! That is my favorite rule, I promise to do that everyday! These are all rule to live by, I’m going to get myself a tiara.

  11. My son’s rules would include always eating dessert (or “treats”) first. And one must always have all blankets and stuffed animals on the couch. Always.

  12. Your daughter is adorable!!! Love the little giggles!!

  13. What a fun idea! We’ll have to try this with our kids. 🙂

  14. My kids are the best at saying “I’m still playing with that” or “I’m not done with that yet, I’ll clean it up later” even when they have already moved on to something else. I just remind them I’m not sure how they can color and put together a puzzle at the same time so put one up. Love these rules! I especially love all the giggling in the video.

  15. It really is so hard to be a kid huh? Yeah right!! If only I knew then, what I know now!! Lol

  16. What a fun video. You girls are great! The rules for being a kid are so much fun. I am going to have to show this to my daugter

  17. This is a great video. I’d take the kids’ rules over my employment, boring, adult ones any day!

  18. Rules for being a kid: Destroy everything of value so that Mommy and Daddy can’t have nice things. 🙂 Yeah…one of those days.

  19. This was so cute! My boys would like to add never put your shoes where they actually belong. 😉

  20. You guys are adorable! This is so much fun and such a great idea.

  21. Don’t spit when you talk? Don’t burp when you talk? LOL, kids keep it real. There’s actually some truth there!

  22. That is a really fun idea, and it looks like the kids really got into it. I think one of my kids rules would be that you have to somehow get dirty within one minute of exiting the shower.

  23. My son would probably answer (if he could talk) that he must eat melon at every meal and sleep with the iPad. Oh, and color on the walls.

  24. That was cute and your daughter looks so much like you. 🙂 I agree, you should not da-da when people are talking to you!

  25. I don’t know about some of the silly rules but I surely love the sweet girls who wrote them. I especially enjoyed the giggles. Good job girls. Hugs, Grammy Lura

  26. Awe, this is so cute. You gotta love kids rules! Your daughter has such an adorable laugh 🙂 And yes, wear the tiara and use a wand is essential to getting through life! 😉

  27. I’d love to be a kid again. My daughter was upset the other night because she’s a routine person. I had to be out past her bedtime and she was going to be at a friends house. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that she’d bet here at bedtim.

  28. Being a kid is the hardest! 🙂 Awesome job with the post and video! I loved it!

  29. being a kid is a hard gig. I wish i still had that carefree spirit

  30. My daughter’s rule for being a kid was “always, always, always rewind the Sesame Street video to the ‘C Is For Cookie’ part. Always.”

  31. My daughter’s rule would be Disney Channel 24/7 and the 12 yr olds rule would be “sleep all day”

  32. This is really great idea! And you can get really good rules from here for real. Especially if you do a follow up.

  33. It’s good to know that girls think “toots” are funny too! (of course I know that but I wonder if they are discussed at your house as much as they are here! ha!) This is so fun, great to SEE y’all! 😀

  34. Always wear socks with sandals when you are dressing up. I’m unclear how this rule came to be, but my four-year-old strictly aheres to said dress code for “fancy events” like going to the library or a birthday party.

    1. Sounds like the perfect style trend! Does she request you join her?

  35. I love her reaction to some of these ideas! Like she’s waiting for mom to say it’s ok to wear her bathing suit to bed!

  36. I love this! my daughter isn’t old enough yet for rules (haha she isn’t even one yet) – but i guess milk all day sleep all night??

    1. So very true! My girls keep me young until after bedtime, then I feel like I’m super old!

  37. Oh goodness, that’s adorable!! Our rule is always have fun!!!

  38. My 2 year old’s rule would no doubt be, “Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.” My 3 year old’s rule likely would be, “No sleep til Brooklyn.”
    Thanks for the great fun!

    1. Oh, those are good ones! I like the way your three year old thinks!

  39. Ha! Cute idea! My kids definitely agree with leaving clean-up for later. If you asked my little one his rule would be to eat peanut butter with every meal.

  40. That is so funny! My 10 yo spontaneously wrote out our “family rules” last year and posted them in our kitchen. They still hang there because they are so fun!!

  41. The biggest rule about being a kid is to look for the FUN side of everything!!

  42. My son’s favorite rule for being a kid is: never be afraid to be different from those around you.

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