10 gifts every new birthing mom needs (even if mom doesn’t register for them)


When I was pregnant with my first, a friend offered to have me over for snacks and a little “new mom” boot camp. In addition to a ton of tips and things I didn’t know, she also suggested I purchase several things every new birthing mom needs to have at home. This became my go-to 10 gifts every new birthing mom needs. Yes, even if they don’t register for them. Even if the gifts aren’t “fun” or “sexy.”

Birthing moms need these items!

10 new mom gifts that are needed

Much like my friend did for me, I try to pay this advice and these gifts forward to all of my friends when they are birthing a baby for the first time.

New Birthing Mom Tips:

  • Everything at the hospital that isn’t bolted to the floor and isn’t fabric, you have paid for. Take all of those things with you. Some things might include; diapers, wipes, netty panties, pads for mom, instant ice packs, “puppy pads“, water bottles and more.
  • Grab all of the “peri” bottles and bring them home. You’ll want one in every bathroom.
  • Your hormones will be all over the place. It’s not unnatural to cry one second and laugh the next, but definitely keep an eye on your emotions.
  • You will sweat a lot and fluids will leak from everywhere.
  • Always have a burp cloth or rag nearby. They can be used for so many things.
  • Muslin blankets are incredibly useful!
  • Stay hydrated. If you think you are hydrated, you probably can still use more.
  • Keep your bladder empty. I know, I know. Right after staying hydrated. But, trust me. You need to drink more than you think you need. But, also, when you need to go, go!
  • It’s not your job to entertain people.
  • Rest when you can. Your body is healing and a baby is counting on you.
  • You have to birth the placenta if you have a vaginal birth. If you aren’t the queasy type, look at it. It’s so amazing!
  • The first meal after giving birth is likely the best meal you’ve ever had…even if it isn’t great food!
  • Snacks are amazing. Have them on hand for all hours.
  • You might poop during pushing. And it’s likely it will hurt to do so after giving birth, too.
  • Your baby is 100% worth it.

I’m sure there are hundreds of other things that a new birthing mom would need to hear (probably doesn’t want to hear), so make sure to tell me what I’ve forgotten to add to my list.

10 gifts for new moms

Now, onto the gifts that every new birthing mom needs. She might not know it yet and as mentioned, probably won’t feel too excited about it, but with all four of my births, I used all of these items.

10 gifts every new birthing mom needs

I’m not going to try to prioritize these, so this list is in no particular order. I picked up almost all of this from our local store, but had to order a couple things online just because they were out.

  1. A basket or cloth tote bin – This is great for packaging the gift. Once everything makes it home, it’s great for throwing a couple diapers, wipes, nursing pads, burp clothes and more into it. Then it can be carried around the house from room to room while keeping supplies close by.
  2. Snacks – I mean, I think everybody likes snacks, but birthing takes so much out of you. Get all the snacks and variety. And while it’s not super environmentally conscious, I go with snacks that are individually packaged for convenience.
  3. Pads – The heavy duty overnight ones. Yep, not exciting. But you likely won’t take home as many as you’ll need from your hospital or birthing facility stay.
  4. Postpartum Spray – Having used Earth Mama before, I wanted this, but couldn’t find it in stock to arrive in time, so I went with another well-reviewed brand, Lansinoh Postpartum Spray – Things get sensitive, swollen and in need of some extra cooling. I definitely think this is something you wouldn’t think about!
  1. Stool Softener – If you are restricted from eating and drinking, odds are things are backed up. Additionally, if you have an anesthesia, that can slow things down. Between this and the pushing or incisions, it’s likely you want and need this for a few days to keep things easy and moving along. (PS Always check with your doctor to make sure this is okay to take. I’m not a doctor!)
  2. Ibuprofen / Acetaminophen – Yes, probably not shocking to most, but there’s likely some residual pain after birth. The uterus contractions after birth can be pretty intense and a mild pain-killer can help. I found I took it for about a week after each of my girls’ birth because of the contractions during breastfeeding. (Again, not a doctor!)
  3. Nursing PadsBreastfeeding or not, a new mom will need nursing pads. Unless you are a lucky one that leaks not a bit (not me in my case!). I was a leaking machine! Reusable nursing pads are better for the environment, but I feel that they come in so many different fabrics, it’s a matter of personal preference.
  4. Nipple Balm – Nipple balm is a might not need, but glad you’ll have on hand. This is one that a mom that is not breastfeeding might not want or need. As I breastfed, I found it handy. I imagine even if you don’t, with leaking and other issues, it would still be good to have available. If it’s not used for nipples, use it for chapped lips or hands.
  5. Milk Storage Bags – This is another one for breastfeeding moms. And, pumping for daycare or being away from baby. And there will be a lot of the milk storage bags used. A new birthing mom might not think they’ll need to be on hand right away, but I found I used them the first week and was always glad to have them.
  6. Reusable Water Bottle – Back to that hydration. A new mom needs to have access to water. We all need hydration, but waking in the middle of the night, multiples times and other times being under a sleeping baby, that cotton mouth is strong. Having a nice water bottle that anybody can fill on the quick helps with that hydration.
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