Our accidental home birth | B’s birth story, part 2


If you haven’t had a chance yet, read the accidental home birth, aka the unplanned unassisted home birth story, part 1.

7:28 AM We called the midwife’s cell phone. B was here. We didn’t make it to the hospital. I had a perfect pink, breathing baby in my arms. The midwife confirmed that she was breathing and had cried and congratulated us. She made sure to remind us to have B wrapped up in a towel (it was first that yellow one in the previous picture, but it was soaked with fluid. Then, it was another yellow one that she peed on, and finally this green one).

At some point in here, our friend T arrived. What an exciting time for her!

The midwife instructed Mr. Serious to find something to tie the umbilical cord. It was a couple minutes and I’m pretty sure at this point the cord has stopped pulsing (something that I wanted in my birth plan). He looked around for a minute and couldn’t find anything. He settled on a necklace I had that had a woven string necklace. He cut it apart (maybe our friend T helped) and brought it over and tied her cord off. She also asked Mr. Serious to check my bleeding, which he responded “it’s dripping!” (I have no recollection of this…Mr. Serious added! And apparently, dripping is good!)

Once the cord was tied off and the bleeding was checked, the midwife told us to go ahead and call 911 and get them to transport B and me to the hospital.

7:32 AM We call 911 to let them know we just accidentally had our baby at home. They made us stay on the phone with them and again confirm that she was breathing fine, and pink and that I wasn’t hemorrhaging (I still wasn’t and never did.) I think it was at this point that Mr. Serious was trying to find any other towels to swap out the yellow wet ones. He also had the older girls helping out to find more towels (we have a ton, but when you are really looking for them, they can’t be found). 

Seconds old

I was also completely naked at this point (please…don’t try to visualize that), and started to get cold (I was holding a wet baby and had a lot of fluid gush all over me). So, while we were on the phone with 911 (until the fire truck arrived, they are the first responders), he was looking for clothes or something for me to wear. It was actually kind of funny. Mr. Serious was just grinning from ear to ear but couldn’t focus at all. He walked around the house, came back to the bathroom and told me he walked around in circles but didn’t remember what he was supposed to get. I reminded him. Towels and my robes.

I don’t know any times at this point as there weren’t any more phone calls. The fire truck arrived, and our friend was here to let them into the house, followed shortly by the EMTs. They had their “baby” bag that was literally labelled “baby” ready to go. The contents; a blue suction bulb, one generic baby blanket, one generic baby hat, one clamp (there should be two) and a scalpel.

They came in and suctioned B’s mouth and nose and it was completely clear (another thing in my birth plan was to not try to suction her before she was all the way delivered). 

They noticed we had tied off the cord and clamped the cord on the other side. Then, Mr. Serious was able to cut it with a scalpel (which was a little frightening).

The EMTs kept asking Mr. Serious to try to find some clothes to get me dressed (which I found funny considering I hadn’t delivered the placenta). He took my one pair of pants I had packed in my suitcase out and put them somewhere (yes, I got to the hospital with no pants!). I ended up asking for a robe for my upper body and they threw another robe on my legs (I have a lot of robes, thank goodness). Our friend, T, bless her, saw way more of me than any friend should and even came and put some socks on my feet. Did I mention I was cold?

While the EMTs were getting me ready to be transported (I don’t remember how I got on the stretcher. I think I climbed on.) The older two girls got to kiss their newest little sister and say hello. Never once were they scared or asking any questions. They were just excited that their new sister had arrived.

They wheeled me out to the ambulance with one of the EMTs carrying B and then they gave her to me. They started doing all of their mandatory monitoring of me (BP, painful stickers for monitoring my heart rate and putting in an IV, which I really wish I would have refused. My hand still hurts.) and checking me and B over. I got B to latch on and nurse and she nursed the entire way to the hospital! Of course, with the nursing came the additional cramps and contractions of my body trying to deliver the placenta. The EMTs had no desire to help out with that! 

Mr. Serious followed the ambulance in our van. During that time, he called my sister, his mom and my mom. Nobody had any idea what was going on. Since I was rear-facing, I was able to see him in the van he entire time, and he was able to see me. 

Once we arrived at the hospital, the midwife came up to me and said “you must be Krystyn. I knew you weren’t going to make it here without a baby in your arms!” Apparently, she could tell by the sound of my voice.

Mommy and B

Mr. Serious took some more pictures of B (notice the black string, that’s what we tied her cord off with) and he really got a good look at her. During that time, the midwife helped deliver the placenta (thank goodness), and put in two stitches. We also got her stats; 7lbs, 13oz, 19.5 inches (but she was 21 inches two days later). They asked us what time she was born, and not thinking to look at our phone records, we guessed 7:30am, so that’s what they put. Turns out we were probably about 5 minutes off.

Brand new baby

The nurse for B was amazing. She didn’t do anything we didn’t wanted and asked about everything. We didn’t want the erythromycin in her eyes or the hep-B vaccine (we will do it later, just not the day she’s born) and did do the vitamin K shot. She left her completely naked and put her back on my chest so we could have as much skin-to-skin time and got her nursing again. Eventually, we were moved to our room.

I wanted to get out of the hospital ASAP, and the midwife agreed, but the pediatrician on call required us to wait 24 hours for PKU testing and biliruben testing. Of course, that ended up being a lot more than 24 hours but we were finally home the next day (12/30….my mom’s birthday) in the afternoon!


B was all ready to go hours before they finally discharged us! Her little onesie was made by her Aunt Emily and hat by her Aunt Rachel. So special to have a custom going home outfit.

It was nice being home. We were able to get a cake for my mom (who flew in last minute to come watch the girls and help us out for a couple days) for her birthday. And, we still have to think of a way to thank our friend T. She did laundry and cleaned up our bathroom. If that’s not a super special friend, I don’t know what one is!

I received a copy of the certificate of birth (not birth certificate), and it said she was born at the hospital, with that city and county of the hospital listed. Not cool. I called and they are changing it because, she wasn’t born there! I think we all deserve to have it correct on the birth certificate.

I also have to give mad props to Mr. Serious. He really was awesome and amazingly calm throughout everything, too. I highly recommend reading the Hypnobirthing book, both mom and dad as it really does change your frame and state of mind, no matter what birth you plan on having, or don’t plan on having!

Mr. Serious and B

When I was unpacking our hospital bag, I found the copies of our birth plan. I read over it, and every single thing that was on there happened just as we wanted. Well, except for being at the hospital in using a birthing tub (oh and the dumb IV in the ambulance). The weeks leading up to her birth, I prayed for a calm and quick birth. I think most of it was pretty calm and I’d say less than 6 hours is a pretty quick birth. So, God listens!

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  1. Like I said before what an amazing story! I was laughing at several parts of this. The being naked and not having pants had me laughing so hard. That sounds like something that would happen at my house for sure! So glad your delivery was quick and relatively calm!!

    1. You’d think that the pants would have some how made it in the car, right?

    1. Maybe one day, I’ll be brave enough to share it here, but sometimes, it just seems a little too personal, you know?

  2. Still so amazed that b was born at home! Such a blessing! Love her little going home outfit.

    1. I still can’t believe it either and it’s been EIGHT weeks!

  3. I am just so very happy you are well and Baby B is well. God is good ALL the time!!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful! An amazing story, and yes, get the place of birth changed to your home address. That doesn’t happen every day. She is one special delivery.

    1. I got it changed! Woo hoo! We just got the birth certificate last week and I ripped it open to make sure!

  5. So awesome. I will read part 1 & 2 over and over again! You are so amazing and I’m so proud of you and Papa Bear and so incredibly happy B’s birth went so perfectly.

  6. B’s story is beautiful! And it will be talked about OFTEN, I am sure!

    You have one amazing friend – helping clean the bathroom, putting your socks on and seeing more of you than (probably) you would have liked. I hope you find a fantastic thank you gift!

    1. I just saw her again last weekend and she said “you know, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be!” I got her a massage GC…hopefully, that’s a start! (And, she has boys that are adopted, so she thanked me for being as close to having her own birth as possible, so I thought that was pretty amazing too!)

  7. Your story is sooo amazing! I had to share with my sister. I was laughing and crying all at the same time. Birthing babies is truly a miracle. I’m so happy everything worked out perfectly for you! She’s beautiful! Can’t wait to meet her Sunday!

  8. glad it all worked out … and so happy that they are correcting the certificate for you

  9. That is so awesome. I love that Mr. Serious was just wandering around the house with a smile on his face and completely forgot what he was looking for. Kind of still in shock, I bet.
    I’m glad you wrote this all down too, so that you can’t forget it. It is pretty incredible.
    Also glad that you called to change the certificate of birth. I would want all that info correct too, especially since it was so amazing. Good for you!
    And what a GREAT friend you have! I bet you’ll be friends for life. 🙂
    So glad that everything went as you hoped (although couldn’t have dreamed, I’m sure).
    CONGRATS!!! 🙂

    1. Yes, he was definitely in shock! And, I’m so glad I have our phones so I could check everything. Although, I need to get my friend to recount her version because apparently there were things going on I had no idea about!

  10. i am still just speechless.

    for realz!

    but dude she’s beautiful!

  11. I am still just amazed by this whole story and SO happy for you! Also – little B is quite possibly the cutest baby I’ve ever seen! Congrats again!

  12. Lura Staffanson says:

    Wonderful story… Thanks for sharing. I had emergency gall bladder surgery yesterday and still have the cough and cold from 2 weeks ago so I’m pretty sore and miserable but your post makes me smile. Hugs

  13. Grandma Pat says:

    what a great birth story. I was very glad to be part of the birth continuation story. I love spending time with your beautiful, smart and funny daughters. I love yu al very much

  14. Wow, Krystyn, you are TRULY amazing!! Congratulations, and man, what a story to tell! I’m so glad it all worked out as you wanted and that there were no complications. She’s beautiful and perfect. xoxo

    1. You know, complications never even crossed my mine until somebody said it. Crazy, right?

  15. man this is an awesome story!! I enjoyed reading every minute of it. It was definitely funny. Looks like you were given a great birthing experience sans hospital. I’m glad both you and your baby girl are healthy.

  16. What an awesome birth story! Your husband sounds amazing – he stayed so calm throughout. Congrats on your little one!

  17. Amazing story! She is absolutely, perfectly beautiful – congratulations!

  18. I read the entire store and I am sitting here with the BIGGEST smile!! This is fantastic, Krystyn!! What a sweet, sweet birth story she has. Congratulations. She is beautiful.

  19. Amelia Drew says:

    WHat a great story- thank you for sharing!

  20. Great story, so glad it’s mostly what you had planned!

    1. I think if I had to plan again, this would be the way to go..I’d just have a better home plan in place!

  21. So, I waited awhile to go to the hospital with X and by the time I got there he was born!! Its amazing how quickly they can come-and you’re right; when you are relaxed and let your body do its thing, it all happens accordingly! We did our hospital tour last Sunday and I told my hubby that I will probably leave out from home a tad earlier so that I can labor in their huge jacuzzi tub lol.

    1. Yes, being in the big tub was totally the goal as well! I’m so excited for your little girl to arrive!

  22. I absolutely LOVE your birth story. I am going to look into that book, for real! 🙂 I was curious why you didn’t want them to suction her out before she was completely born. I don’t know the effects of this. I was also curious how the two stitches felt. I am trying to go without an epidural for personal reasons, I had to have 3 with my daughter (but had an epi with her), so I have been nervous about this. Congrats again! B is beautiful!

    1. Yes, you should read it and get the CD, too. I listened to it every night. At first, I laughed, but just kept listening to it.

      The stitches? I’ve had them every time, but never felt them during the suture process. They used lidocaine to numb it locally, so totally a piece of cake!

      1. Oh, my gosh — I always WHINE the most about stitches. I laughed with Daniel — I said, “here I just pushed out this baby with one power push, and I’m bitching about these stitches. But they stinkin’ hurt!!”

        Oh, to give you a hug! I love this story

  23. Teresa Honores says:

    YAY! how exciting! Glad to see you and the baby are doing great and boy what a brave husband too! KUDOS to him! I tried hypnobirthing and want to try it again this time around and really stick to it, hopefully it will be as smooth and fast as yours! CONGRATS AGAIN!

    1. Yes, definitely stick to it! I listened to the CD every night and I think that helped a ton to get me relaxed!

  24. What an amazing story. She’s beautiful – congratulations! My second daughter was born just minutes after we arrived at our hospital. I had no idea I was so far into my labor until I was praying that she wouldn’t be born in the car…

    1. I can only imagine what would have happened if we would have gotten in the car. I’m certain I would have made him pull over! It was a 45 minute drive.

  25. K, I LOVE this! I did Hypnobirthing with all 3 of our girls and loved it. It brings me such great peace and I still do it now when I get a headache. I don’t know that I could have remained as calm as you and Mr. S. I can’t wait to see what B’s personality it. She sure came into this world like a bolt of lightning!

    1. I totally wish when somebody suggested it to me as a side statement with the first I would have looked into it. I totally helped me!

      And, I never thought to do it when I had a headache. That’s smart! I wish I could find something equally as good to listen to every night that didn’t reference birthing.

    1. Yep…..crazy, right? My dad still says he doesn’t want to use that bathroom…but I think he has:)

      1. mrs. hils says:

        That bathroom was cleaner than the day it was built by the time you reached the hospital! 🙂

  26. What a great story! Your hubby did an awesome job! Both mine were planned home births, but I was so scared that for some reason the midwives might not make it in time, but you rocked it anyway! I don’t know what my hubby would have done in the same situation! lol!

    1. I think it’s deep in them to sort of have an idea of what to do….they just don’t unless they are put on the spot!

  27. So wonderful! I came here searching for fellow Atlanta mom bloggers. I’ve had 5 babies at home, not accidental, (and two more in hospital) but I love reading accidental homebirth stories. So exciting! One of mine almost arrived before the midwife. Her birth was only 2 1/2 hours long. It took me weeks to wrap my head around that. I bet your hubby felt like a total bad boy after this. 🙂

    1. Nice to e-meet you! 2.5 hours…that’s amazing!

      And, he still thinks he’s a bad boy almost three years later!

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