Father’s Day at the Serious House


This year for Father’s Day, Mr. Serious got some very special artwork. Two years ago, I did some artwork for Mr. Serious for Father’s Day and he loved it.

I painted this canvas, and put some cute #1 foot prints and pictures on it for him to take to work. It was also framed, but I don’t have a picture of that. I also did a collage for the house.

So, this year, I had to do the same thing. And, one easy thing about having your kids’ birthdays one day apart? They are the same age on holidays (roughly).

But, there was a twist. This year, #1 got to paint the canvas. And while it doesn’t look like it, they are the same colors. It also has #2’s cute footprints this time and pictures. And, of course, there is now a collage wall hanging for the house.

Of course, Mr. Serious loved them. #1 presented the canvas to him saying “here daddy, I painted this for you!” She has been wanting to paint non-stop ever since.

At his request, after church and nap time, we headed up to the pool for a swim in what felt like bath water.
He and #1 had a great time. She kept jumping in the water and was even trying to swim to us. I never would have guessed my water fearing baby from last year would be such a fish this year.

Happy Father’s Day, babe. You are the best father the girls could ever ask for.

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  1. I love the artwork and I like that you can compare how the girls look because of how their birthdays fall.

    Have a great day!

  2. The artwork is wonderful! The best presents are made with LOVE. What a wonderful Father's Day!

  3. Totally love the artwork. Izzy did a rockin' job. Nat is so much chunkier than Izzy was…but they are both just beyond precious!

  4. those are even cuter than you described them friend!!

    glad you guys had such a special day!

  5. Those are so stinkin' cute!
    What a darlin' idea!!!! Love it!

    Happy Father's DAy (a bit late) You're so creative.

  6. What an awesome Father's Day gift!! Very creative and adorable!

  7. Cute collages. What a nice way to spend Father's Day.

    You show up in my reader just fine. 😉

  8. So adorable! That's seriously the cutest father's day gift idea ever!

    And it looks like you guys had a blast at the pool–gotta love swimming!

  9. Love the gift ideas you did for father's day! SO lovely!

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