Does your toaster have one?


While making some toast the other morning, I noticed something funny on my toaster.

Looks innocent enough, right?

Here’s a closer look…there on the left.

See it? The ‘cancel’ button.

What is a ‘cancel’ button doing on a toaster?

When you put your bread, toaster pastry or bagel in a toaster you know what is going to happen. TOAST! No puzzle there.

Maybe it’s for the time you put your bread in the toaster, and all of a sudden decide…”Wait!!! I don’t want any toast!!! Quick, cancel that toast!! Cancel, cancel…abort the toast!”

Can you imagine how the ‘cancel’ button came to be on the toaster?

Maybe the toaster tester (doesn’t that sound like a fun job) was at the plant testing out a new model with his pop-tart. He pops his pop-tart into the toaster, and only second later decides he doesn’t want his pop-tart toasted because the jelly filling gets lava hot. Only, his toaster doesn’t have a ‘cancel’ button, so he has to sit and wait for his pop-tart to continue cooking against his wishes. All the while he is thinking “cancel, cancel, abort!”

And, that must be the story of how the ‘cancel’ button on the toaster came to be.

But, really, why a ‘cancel’ button, not ‘eject’?

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  1. Mine doesn't have one but I would TOTALLY use it! My toaster usually doesn't toast enough so then I go for a second go of it and I want to stop it before it burns so that button would come in handy for round 2! HA!

  2. I have the same toaster in white.

    And… um… I have used the Cancel button more than once.

    See Richard likes his toast dark. So sometimes I don't pay attention to the dial setting and I just drop in my bread to be toasted. Then I see it is up on like 6 and I myself am more of a 2 girl. So I CANCEL quickly and reset and redrop my bread in.

  3. I never really thought it!
    Good thinking though girl!
    We dont even have a toaster, just a toaster oven (and I just checdked, and no cancel button! lol)

  4. Hmm.. that does seem funny now that I think about it, but I do occasionally use the cancel button. Like a previous poster, I will realize that someone has adjusted the settings and halfway through, have to abort the mission before it burns.. but I do think eject would be a better term:)

  5. I'm a cancel button user myself.

    I do the same thing others have said. When making toast–I use a higher setting for myself while my husband isn't a fan of crunchy toast, so I have to hit 'cancel' when I realize I didn't adjust my settings.

    But I do agree that the terminology seems odd for a toaster. 🙂

  6. I'm definitely going to check and see if our toaster has a cancel button because if not…we need one…why? I have no idea.

    It doesn't make much sense to me either.

  7. LOL. I agree! Why isn't it a "done early" button or "done?" Why does it have to be cancel? LOL

  8. I would love to have a cancel button on my toaster. It would be the center of many conversations. I prefer EJECT over cancel though! Ha!

  9. never really thought about that before…I have always just accepted the cancel button!

  10. Im seriously rolling over here. That was awesome! And I love that I was looking at the toaster picture going, "looks normal to me", haha! LOVE IT!

  11. uhm so i totally am a cancel button user. for the same reasons already mentioned and now that i have beans – sometimes i get it started and then someone needs a diaper change, so i cancel it and restart after said diaper change.

    i don't like "cooled" toast. or soggy toast. and you already know how i feel about the second piece in the loaf.

    see i do have issues.

  12. Mine doesn't have that button! I think my button only has the settings "Burnt" "Really Burnt" and "Really Really Burnt"

  13. TEAM EJECT unite!

    Aside from the more literal description, it has a fun James Bond-gadget kind of vibe, no?

  14. I was just asking my mom (because she and my dad know everything) the very same question. Also, does your bagel button do anything? Ours doesn't. It doesn't magically make the toaster larger to fit the smushed in bagel. So what's it for?

  15. I'm pretty sure mine has one. And I've used it once. I don't know what for and now that I think about it, it's pretty silly.

  16. Mine does not have a cancel button. hmmm and I must say there are times when I could have used one. I have a temperamental toaster.

  17. I totally need that toaster! I am always putting the bread in too soon (before the rest of the breakfast is done) and then pulling on the thingy to get the bread to release. I love your words and since of humor!

  18. And all this time, I've just been popping the plunger lever back up….

  19. haha, i'm laughing out loud! i've actually used it before, haha, if I accidentally left the number too high and it was going to "over toast" my toast, ha! abort!

  20. I love it. It should be eject instead of cancel! I like what Mark said about it being a "premature ejection"…ahahaha!

  21. trifitmom says:

    mine toaster writing is all worn off, but i do use cancel or eject b/c i like my toast dark so i have to put it through a couple of times but need to watch that it doesn't burn. i have very specific needs for my toast/bagles.

  22. Children of the 90s says:

    Haha, I guess some people get toasting remorse. It would be convenient if you ever had an emergency bagel reconsideration…

  23. Great observation! Funny, yes eject would be much better, maybe it should be "pre-mature ejection" button.

  24. I think an eject button would have been funnier!

  25. Ok, so what does it say that my TOASTER OVEN has a cancel button…like I can't just OPEN THE DOOR AND TAKE STUFF OUT!!?!?!?!?!?
    I'm just sayin'…

  26. LOL…too funny. And seriously, why is there a cancel button?

  27. Does it only turn the heat off or does it pop up the toast too? Because if it only turns the heat off I could totally see leaving the bread in to stay warm while I grabbed the jelly.

  28. I think the "cancel" button should be called "bread"….

  29. Hmmm. Interesting. I would think that if you wanted to cancel the toasting process you would just push the little lever thingie back up, no? Hmmm. I'm stumped.

  30. silverhartgirl says:

    My toaster has one too. I also thought it was funny

  31. Sparkette says:

    Sparky has one like that. Mine was very generic…you know slam up the button if you think your toast is to, well you know.

    It confused me the other day trying to figure the darn thing out!! LOL!

  32. Hilarious! I have never seen that before but if and when I do?

    I'll so be thinking of you and this funny post!

  33. It's the toaster for people with commitment issues. Really allows you to be fickle about your breakfast choices. :o)

  34. I MUST tell you. Dearest & I were house-sitting for his aunt this weekend. We used the toaster for breakfast Sunday morning and guess what it had?!

    A cancel button. Guess who used it? Me. I know. Lame.

  35. Mary Mudd says:

    Ok, now I have to go look at my toaster and see if it has a Cancel button…. And it does! Two of them! I have a toaster with the double slots. But, ya know, I knew it was there, but never really paid attention before. I know I have pushed it before, and now that I think about it, it didnt stop when I canceled it. Hmmph. Ill try it again the next time I make toast, or a poptart.

    1. Hmm….maybe it’s time to test it out, or time for a new toaster!

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