Is it over already?


I never would have imagined when I wrote this about the summer starting 9 weeks ago, that it would be over so soon.

Even after the first two days went so swimmingly, we kept at it. We battled the nap skipping, the library book destroying , the weaning, the back talking and the SAHM blues.

We enjoyed play dates with friends, story time at the library, and more Chick-fil-A then we should have ever eaten.

All, in all, the summer went well. I’m sad to see it ending, but I’m sure I will enjoy some adult time at work. Wait…I work with 16 year olds. Oh, well. I will be different and I will try to make it good.

And, at the end of the day, I will still get to do this with my girls (or hopefully something close as I don’t know how much longer the three of us can sit on this chair)!

Where they love each other so much, that they do this…

And, I had to throw this one in. I went into #2’s room last week and she’s learned how to get to a sitting position.

So, it’s back to the grind on Monday (really, Monday already?).

I’m going to try and enjoy this last weekend of summer



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  1. It really does go SO FAST. 🙁
    Those pictures are beautiful. 🙂

  2. That pic of them holding hands is ADORABLE!!
    I hate that the summer flies by so fast too and I don't even have anything to return to.
    Good luck!

  3. Look at them holding hands! So cute… and it's so sweet seeing your baby sitting up for the first time, huh? Aww! Summer has gone by so quickly… too fast, if you ask me! Enjoy this weekend! 🙂

  4. Awww! They are holding hands!!!! Seriously the cutest thing I have seen forever!!!

    And she is sitting up! YAY N!!

    And you are back to school already? Where the heck did summer go?? My goodness!

    Hugs to you and your sweet family and you head back to "normal". 🙂

  5. Boy time does fly! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with them and that is so great!

  6. Ok, um, no such thing as too much Chick! lol
    That hand holding picture is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen!
    Go Nat…you're becoming such a big girl! Hopefully next time we play Nat can defend herself from Charlie better! 😉

  7. Summer went by so fast this year! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Summer has gone by so fast!! Glad you enjoyed it and good luck Monday! 🙂

  9. Wait – So school starts next week! Wow!! I don't know if I should be jealous (we have 6 more weeks of summer) or give you my sympathy for the return to the grind!

  10. Aww, man! What a bummer that it's time for work already! Back in my hometown of summerville, yesterday was their first day back, so be glad you're not on a year around rotation! Summer's are that much shorter! Have fun going back to work!

  11. It is coming to an end way way way too fast!! I am sad!

  12. Seriously, already? Where does the time go?

    I love the pictures–and the hand holding? Precious, sweetie, absolutely precious.

  13. Yes…the summer is over. You survived!!!! YEA! Only 5 more days until school starts 🙂 for us at least.

  14. Summer has flown by and it makes me sad just thinking about you having to leave your babes and go back to the mouthy teens.
    Your girls are precious and I am sure will enjoy every moment of their evening and weekend hours with you.
    By the way, my two still hold hands and I hope they never stop! So cute!

  15. I'm glad you summer went so well. That's really sweet how they are holding hands!

  16. Our vacations ALWAYS go too fast! The pics of your with your girls are precious!

  17. Oh, it did go by so fast, didn't it? I'm sorry – I hope you enjoyed it for all it was worth.

  18. Such adorable pictures..hope you have a smooth transition back into the real life!

  19. Wow..just like that..its over.
    🙁 I know it will good to be back at work, but I know it will be hard too. Just look back at that picture of them holding hands…I think that could make any day better!!
    (and is there really such thing as TOO much CHick Fil A?!?!)

  20. I was going to make some smart-mouth, sarcastic comment like, "If your summer went fast, try being a teacher" when I realized that you ARE a teacher. And a mom. And a super-blogger. And a blog designer.

    You must be READY to back to school!!!

  21. uhm who am i going to talk to during nap time??

    sorry bout monday friend – it came waaay too soon.

    but the sitting up? love it. and the sisterly love? pure heaven 🙂

  22. Oh no! You just reminded me how close it is for me as well. I still have 2 weeks. When do your kids start? It seems so early.

  23. Oh…the holding hands picture warmed my heart! So sweet.

  24. Are you celebrating Women's Equality day? Just curious because I could not find a single "FREE" graphic or poster to use with my posts. I was crossing my fingers that you might have something. Hugs, Jen

  25. It does seem like this summer flew by. I'm glad you had such a good time with the girls though. I'm jealous of all the teachers who get the summers off with their kids – I went into the wrong profession it seems!

    Hope you enjoyed your last weekend!

  26. I randomly found your blog on the other Krystyn's! My brother-in-law is a chem teacher in Georgia, as well! And I'm a teacher but I have until the 20th off. Good luck with your first week back!

  27. I couldn't believe it the first time I came into the dude's room and he was sitting up in his crib. Such precious photos! And seriously…where the heck did the summer go?

  28. The hand holding picture made me a gushy mess. I can't hold my emotions. Darn.

  29. Good luck going back to work. The picture of them holding hands is cute!

  30. I love the picture of the girls holding hands, you might need to break that one out when they are teenagers 🙂

  31. too too fast – I'm so sad summer is almost over!!

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