4 Ways HIBICLENS Antimicrobial Soap Helps with Cuts and Scrapes



How would you like to have a solution for cleaning up cuts and scrapes that’s tough on germs and gentle on sensitive skin? HIBICLENS® antimicrobial soap is your everyday solution for cleaning and protecting boo boos. Hospitals, healthcare professionals, and moms trust HIBICLENS antimicrobial soap as a skin cleanser and antiseptic. Our impressive pink soap is not only tough on germs – killing them on contact – it’s gentle enough for everyday use on your child’s skin.


When you and your kids are at play, accidents can and likely will happen. These accidents include scrapes and cuts that are typically undertreated. Putting an adhesive bandage on the hurt area without properly cleaning and protecting it or using a soap that only keeps the area germ-free for a short period of time is not enough. HIBICLENS and its various benefits is a better solution for cuts and scrapes.

1. It’s Easy to Use

Most of us value simplicity. After you or someone in your family experience a light cut or scrape, simply wash the hurt area with HIBICLENS. Here’s how you do it: first, rinse your hands and the hurt area with warm water. Next, using 5mL (about 1 teaspoon) of HIBICLENS, wash the desired area for 15 seconds under warm running water. Finally, rinse and dry thoroughly. The active antiseptic agent (Chlorhexidine Gluconate [CHG]) in HIBICLENS will kill the germs on the hurt area on contact and protect it from germs for the rest of the day.

2. HIBICLENS is Tough on Germs

It’s important to keep cut or scraped skin areas protected from other germs. These areas are more susceptible to deeper infection (including MRSA, which HIBICLENS helps prevent) because of the lack of natural protection damaged skin provides. Our super soap protects hurt areas from viruses, bacteria, and fungi by killing them on contact and offering long-lasting protection upon application and washing. It will also help prevent cross-infection of dangerous Staph infections.

3. HIBICLENS Gives up to 24 Hour Protection

Average antibacterial soaps can’t protect your skin from germs for up to 24 hours, well HIBICLENS can (according to MBT Study No. 582-106, Study Protocol # 582. With most antibacterial soap products, your hands become germ-infested as soon as you touch another surface after washing with it. And with standard hand sanitizers, protection is lost after you touch the first surface. By washing your hands with HIBICLENS, you can be confident that your children’s cut and scrapes will be protected for more than a minute!

4. It’s Gentle on Skin

No one wants to think about further damaging or irritating a cut or scraped area of skin; but this is what can happen when cleaning a cut or scrape with a non-gentle soap or antiseptic. There’s no need to worry with HIBICLENS. It’s gentle on the skin (based on findings from the PRACs Report #R05-0225), which is great for people with sensitive skin and individuals with a cut or scrape. So clean your kid’s boo boos without the tears!

Long lasting, convenient, effective, gentle, and fast acting – you can trust HIBICLENS antimicrobial soap for helping clean and protect your cuts and scrapes. You can find more information on HIBICLENS and a $1 off coupon at hibiclens.com.


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  1. This sounds like an amazing product for battling germs! I’m so fearful of all the germs my kids bring home, they come in contact with such terrible things at school.

  2. 24 hour protection! That’s very cool. Hibiclens would be really handy to have around the house when our baby arrives! First stop for visitors.

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