My manicure keeps going and going and going | I took the Jamberry Nails Challenge + Giveaway


Since I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins (breastfeeding), my nails are looking pretty good (of course, now they will all break!) And, while I love having a nice paint job + manicure, the reality is they take way too darn long to have done and then they last me like 2 second before I chip them or dent them. Easter weekend, I was literally looking at videos trying to see what Jamberry nails were. Then, my friend Julie mentioned that her friend wanted me to test them out and compare to polish. 

So, Amy of Jamberry Nails sent me one Jamberry wrap which I was able to cut into two and put on each of my ring fingers.

Day 1: I used 2 coats of a nude polish over a base coat and topped with a top coat. It took over an hour to paint all of those layers and dry. And I had to sit still and not do anything. With four kids, you can imagine how impossible that was, but I did it.

Jamberry Nail Challenge Day 1

Using the following directions:


It really just took a few seconds to put the wrap on one finger, then I trimmed it and filed it and it was good to go. Now, I did get a little wrinkle on it when applying, but I think I was rushing a little because I was excited. And, I heated it before I realized it was good to go!

Jamberry Nails should last up to 2 weeks on fingernails and 4 weeks on toenails, so I took the challenge.

Day 3:  The luster from the polish was starting to fade. There were nicks and dings on the tops of the nails and the edges were slightly wearing off. 

Jamberry Nail Challenge Day 3

Day 4: The surface of the polish is holding up pretty well, but not as fresh looking. The Jamberry is holding up too despite the wrinkle on the top that goes all the way to the edge of my nail.

Jamberry Challenge Day 4

Day 6: Looking about the same (I seriously have never had polish last this long. I wash my hands. I do dishes and laundry. I’m not sure why it’s staying on this good!)

Jamberry challenge Day 6

Day 8: You can start to see the growth from my nails and the polish where it pooled up again my cuticle. You can see a little edge of the Jamberry, but it’s not any thicker than the rest of the nail.

Jamberry challenge day 8

I was worried that once there was some growth or at the edges or sides of the nails that it would get stuck in my hair or scratch the kiddos during diaper changes. This never happened and I was very pleasantly surprised.

I’m now at day 9. The polish needs to come off. The Jamberry wraps are holding up pretty well. Where the wrinkles are, they are starting to be a little weaker, but still haven’t come up. And, considering that’s the only place of slight concern and it’s user error, I’m impressed.

It’s cool that they stay on so well, but it’s really cool how many awesome patterns and designs there are. And they are all just as easy to put on. Just this week, I had two people compliment me on my nails at Target and a clothing store, which is something I’m certain I can say has never happened before.

Jamberry Nails Challenge and Giveaway

Cute and functional? Total win! If you want to check some out for yourself, head over to Jamberry Nails, and place an order. Right now, they are buy 3 sheets get 1 free, and each sheet does at least 2 and up to 4 sets of nails! Make sure when you go buy them, you use the pull down and select Julie + Krystyn’s party because it will get you extra entries into the giveaway!

Also, one lucky winner will get a Jamberry nail set of their choosing – you can enter NOW!

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  1. I haven’t seen you on the FB group recently- glad I stopped by! Great giveaway!

  2. grandma pat says:

    Glad you got one to try out. I too can’t keep polish on for more than a day or 2. Let me know how the take off goes. Curious to know if it’s as easy as they say and if it takes off a layer of your nail with the adhesive like the gel nails do.

  3. well that is cute – i am not a nail person, so its not for me… but super cute 🙂

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