An open letter


Dear residents of The Serious household born in the most recent millennium (say, circa 2006 and 2008).

Yes, we are talking to you:

Mommy and Daddy love you dearly.

We love your hugs, kisses and smiles.

We also love that we do not need alarm clocks anymore. Because the 3am, and 5am wake up calls are great.

Think how much money we could save on those silly clocks and the electricity to power them. I think I will head over to craigslist right now and try to get rid of them.

And really, dearest #1, it is perfectly acceptable to wake up at 5am, and bang on your door shouting “mommy” and “daddy.” We love that. We also think it is just swell that you take your diaper off for us, too, before we get to you. Look at that extra time you saved us. You are just so dang considerate.

And, my little chunk-a-munk (aka #2), 3am is a great time to start squealing for your pacifier every 5 minutes. Actually, you know what, I think it’s even better when I go into your room, give it to you, and by the time I’ve made it to the threshold, you’ve already spit it out and are squealing with delight (again). And when we finally have had enough of the paci game and decide it’s acceptable for you to cry it out, we just love that you seriously cry for over an hour. Love it.

So, thank you beautiful children for saving us money and time. We really enjoy waking up super early just to fancy you.

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Awww! It is kind of sweet and funny from my point of view. Haha! I bet you don’t think it is funny at 3 and 5 am though.
    I have no sleeping tips. Caroline is a horrible sleeper. She doesn’t go to bed until after 9pm and wakes up at 8am. It is a battle to even get her to sleep. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, she has to get in our bed to go back to sleep. It is pretty terrible.

  2. AWww your babies are SO sweet! hahahaha\

    and freakin adorable in the matching shirts!

  3. You summed it up for the Smith Household too! Well, except for the part about #2, but that can be filled in with a small dog and his neediness.

    Thanks for that. I had to laugh, only because I so know what you are going through. I am laughing with you not at you.

  4. I am so feeling that! The 1am “I got out of my bed just so you can put me back” and the 5am “I need a drink of water” wake up calls are awesome too!

  5. I loved this! Loved it! And that picture just melts my heart.

  6. I’d like to tell you that one day you’ll miss those early wake up calls. But, I’d be lying 😉

  7. haha – that was hilarious!!! So cute you dressed them alike 🙂

  8. I love the pic..too cute!
    You are too funny girl…I have been lucky with Landon..he is a sleeper! (not that you want to hear that!) Dont worry, he got me back in other ways of meltdowns and tantrums!

  9. Who needs sleep anyway, when you have cute faces like those to look at it all. night. long. 🙂

  10. I want a child alarm clock 🙂 I cant imagine anything better then a kiddo knocking on the door in the morning. Might need to borrow Issy for a few days to see how I feel about it, haha.

  11. Rough night, last night?? Me too! I could not have written it better myself. Hope you will be sleeping through the night soon and very soon!

  12. LOL! That is great! I know all about this, too!

    And as I always, I just LOVE that pic!

  13. Cute.

    Miss N is becoming quite the little chunk-a-monk, isn’t she?!

  14. I love how you can always see the silver lining! lol

  15. haha 🙂 oh i look forward to these days!! NOT! oh me!

  16. omg look at that picture!!!

    seriously how could you be mad at the crazy hour wake ups?? i mean they are too adorable to even get upset with!

  17. Is it bad that this letter is really cute and funny? I’m sure you think about it differently.

  18. Hahaha!!!! I remember all of that. 🙂

  19. Our boys must have taken the same sleep course. Man! Early mornings are tough.

  20. But they’re so cute. That lets them get away with anything, right?? ; 😉

  21. HA HA… this is GREAT!!! Boy.. I remember those days!!! LOVE the pictures of your two cutie pies!!!

  22. The letter was great! Where did they get those cute matching shirts? And can you please upload some pics (please not CVS sine matte finish is not an option) and have some 5x7s made for me so my Blubs doesn't look like the favorite at my house? I don't have any pics of them together, except the ones Hannah took. And since you have them all< maybe at 3 when you are feeding Smapson you can use your free hand to upload????

  23. That letter is heart-melting! You’re such a loving mom!

    Love, Mere

  24. Wait a second…when did chunk-a-munk become a sturdy baby that I would hold, and not a baby with a floppy-scary-Gumby-neck!? She and Izzy are just too cute! Crossing my fingers for adorable little ones like you. 🙂

  25. How sweet!

    I have that shirt! Well not ME per say. But my daughter. I found it at Target for 75% off and was thrilled.

  26. Are they STILL waking up? Yikes! I find coffee works great. I never drank it before I had Karys. Now? It’s a staple.

  27. sweet 🙂 My kids are 15 and 8 now so they sleep through the night, but we foster newborns, so you will always find one of us up at 3:00 A.M. in this house! but what special bonding time that is.. gotta love it! 🙂

  28. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    GOOD LORD! Those girls look alike! So gorgeous!

  29. Um………thanks for reminding me of what is to come. Yeah….thank you VERY much. Yoi.

  30. Um.. at least they are cute?

    and they will outgrow it.. and when they are 12 and 15 you can wake them up at 6:00 a.m. and torture them as paybacks and they will so hate you and it wil be so worth it!

    Evil revenge rocks!

  31. Um.. at least they are cute?

    and they will outgrow it.. and when they are 12 and 15 you can wake them up at 6:00 a.m. and torture them as paybacks and they will so hate you and it wil be so worth it!

    Evil revenge rocks!

  32. I’m so over the 5:30 am wake up call as well. I think I almost dozed off this morning I was so tired!
    Just stopped by from McMommy’s POW!

  33. Ok, I don’t think that pic could get any cuter!!!

    (What a cute post for POW, too!)

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