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After my last post about the ever colicy #2, it was recommended that I try out the Ergo Baby Carrier. And, then I remembered that a good friend from church had one. Through them, I found the site, aptly named My Favorite Baby Carrier.

First of all….the customer service was amazing. Within a couple minutes of emailing them a question, I was sent a response asking me how old #2 was and telling me that I would also need the infant insert. Then, I was called and told my carrier was on the way and asked if I had any questions. Shawn offered suggestions for how to put #2 in the carrier and how to get her adjusted to it once she could hold her head up. The customer service was immediate and amazing. (And, if you are not satisfied with the carrier, which trust me, you will be, they have a 90 day, money back guarantee.)

And, two days later, it arrived.

Just in the nick of time. Because #2 was having a fit.

So, I took The Ergo Carrier out of the box, and immediately put it on. It was so easy to use and buckle. It came with a DVD instruction manual, but honestly because I did my research, I didn’t even need to watch it.

Right when I put her in, you can still see that she was a tiny bit upset.

And, literally seconds later, she was out and the screaming and crying and thrashing had stopped. And, then I could cook dinner, or read to #1 or do any of the other chores I had around the house.
Do I look like one happy and relieved momma, or what? And, comfortable, too.

The next morning I tried it out with #1 on my back, because it says the weight limit is 65 pounds. #1 loved it. Now, every time she sees it, she wants to ride in the carrier. She says “#1 has to ride on mommy’s back!” And while she is closer to 30 pounds, she really felt light as a feather on my back

And, since a mom never has enough hands, you can see the versatility of being able to hold both kids (yes, my hands are quite full these days).

You can see how cozy #2 is in the carrier (and that she is not crying). I took this picture while wearing her.

While Aunt Emily was here, she gave it a try, too. She wore #2 while cooking us dinner. (Have we mentioned how much Aunt Emily rocks?)

And, she ate wearing #2, too. And, while the Ergo Carrier does have a cover or a hood for the baby to be protected from the sun and other elements (we joked that this would double as a bib, too), Aunt Emily thought it would be better to wear a dish cloth as a bib.
We all got to enjoy a nice meal without any interruptions.

Look at that peacefulness.

And another really cool thing is that you can completely unhook it with the baby still in it and lay her down. This is an added bonus for sure.

Oh, and another thing…it has a nifty little pocket in front that holds like 3 diapers and some wipes, so when I’m out and about, I don’t have to lug a diaper bag around with me, too! It even fit #1’s size 4 diapers, too.

So, if you can’t tell, I am in love with my Ergo Baby Carrier!
After all of the questions about where I bought the baby bathtub I loved so much, I thought I would put a lot of links so you could go and check out the Ergo Baby Carrier for yourself!!!

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  1. I wish I would have found that when the princess was young. Glad you regained your sanity. I know cholic babies can be stressful. Thanks for sharing the info for us.

  2. That is awesome. Native Two was always in my bjorn. I wore him all the time until he outgrew it. I think that is why he calls me Momma Kangaroo….he loved being strapped to me. I miss those days already…..I love the pictures of you with N in the ERGO!

  3. I’m so glad you found one that works and keeps both girls happy! I loved my carrier (I have a Snugli brand one) too! It was so much easier than lugging her around and she loved being close to me…..oh how I miss those days!

  4. So funny…love the pictures and I’m glad it works! I know you’re relieved. Did they give you a price break for all the free advertising? LOL

  5. That’s amazing how she looks so incredibly cozy in something like that…you would think that it could be quite uncomfortable. And, how convenient that it carries BOTH KIDS!!!

  6. man, when I have kids I am def re-reading all your blog entries to get all your tips!! N looks very cozy!!!

  7. I am TOTALLY sending my hubby a link to this. He has been looking online at all different baby carriers and this one looks (and sounds from your description) to be the best!! Thanks for the review! I love posts like these. 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

  8. ahhh…I wish that I had had one of those when I had my babies. How nice that you found it. I am amazed at how quickly N fell asleep. I am also amazed that it does not seem heavy for you to carry her … and Izzy.

    Happy New Year

    I am glad that my computer got well and I can check in on you again.

    Hugs, Lura

  9. Wow! That carrier looks like it can do everything but cook the dinner for you! I’m so glad you found one you like (and that works!)

  10. Wooooow!!!! That looks amazing. I’m so glad you found something that helps her AND gives you a second of peace and quiet. Awesome!

  11. Happy New Year Krystyn!

    That baby carrier really seems amazing!

    I’m only wondering where you’ll put no. 3? 😉


  12. The Gerster Family says:

    Thank youf or the links! I’m excited to hopefully try one out! Oh…and I love your new look! Very nice!

  13. Wow, maybe I’ll have to check it out for my little Amelia (just turning 2 months). Glad it’s working out for you! And your kids are just adorable!

    PS- I also just tagged you with the “Honest Scrap” award over on my blog.

  14. first i am LOVING the new bloggy look. really. loving it.

    and the new carrier looks perfect! although i am pretty sure that’s mostly just because there is an adorable little baby inside 🙂

  15. That is awesome. Please remind me of this when I have kids. I must have one. The things they come up with now are amazing!! 🙂 Yall look so cute in the pics!!

  16. trifitmom says:

    i doubt i will have a third but if i do this will be a must.

  17. so great that you found a magic cure that lets you live life… i hear the chiroprator is also amazing for colic if it keeps up…

    ps – like the new look… i’m thinking of a background change myself 🙂

  18. my sassy had colic for four months. four months of HELL. The only relief was the battery operated swing. Now she’s giving us a different kind of hell- the kind only a 16 year old girl can dish out. (She’s been LOUD ever since…..)

  19. And it was really easy to cook with her! I should have baked cookies. I have a suggestion….wear her while you DDR2!

  20. Dennis and Leslie says:

    Wow, that thing is amazing! Glad it’s working so well for you!

  21. That’s awesome, I have an Ergo too and LOVE it, but I don’t have the infant insert so I’ve never used it with a smaller baby…but N does look SOOO comfy and cozy in it!!

  22. That’s awesome, I have an Ergo too and LOVE it, but I don’t have the infant insert so I’ve never used it with a smaller baby…but N does look SOOO comfy and cozy in it!!

  23. We visit several of the same blogs and I’ve “seen” you around comment forms, but I just now stopped by your site for the first time. Great blog site, and what a cute family you have!!

  24. All these cool new things out for babies these days, almost make me want another. Okay, not really.
    Love the pic with you and the two of them! You are some cute gals! And I am liking the new design here too!

  25. I am SO going to remember that when I have little ones. and if I don’t, don’t forget to remind me! Looks like a life saver!

  26. So glad that you were able to find something that helped! Seriously wish I would have known about this when Anya was born. IT WAS SO HARD!!

    You are awesome for sharing your find with so many others! 🙂

  27. Amazing!! So glad you found something so great. Please remind me about this when I have kids!!! 🙂

  28. Colic is tough. My first daughter had months of colic. I never realized how bad until baby 2 and then I finally realized the difference and how bad the colic days really were. She was my first so I thought that a blood curdling screaming baby was just part of the deal. Thanks for sharing, our bjorn is on it’s last leg.

  29. Where was this when I needed it! So glad you found something that worked.

  30. Wow. That looks like quite the life-saver. Wish I had one for my colicky little man…

  31. WOw. That thing seems amazing!
    Whenever I get around to having a baby, make sure you remind me of that.

  32. A-maz-ing!

    I am so happy it worked for you!

    PS–LOVE the new look!

  33. wow, that carrier looks amazing!! i wish i had one for bradley, she truly looks so snug and happy in there:)

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