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How I Became A Money Launderer!


Approximately 4.5 years ago, I signed on the dotted line. I said my “I do’s” and I got married. That’s right, I got married, and agreed to wash all clothes! And now, I launder money.

It’s inevitable…every time I wash the clothes, I find money. Why? I’ve asked that he check his pockets, so, that must not be it. I know, I know….he’s showing me his appreciation of my laundering skills.

That’s right ladies, you could have a man that pays you to do your laundry. And in the course of a couple months, you could accumulate a whopping $0.87! I’m rich, I’m rich.

What ever will I do with new found wealth? Ideas, suggestions?


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  1. Hahahaha! Maybe in a few years you could take Izzy out for ice cream on that kind of salary! You’re in the big bucks now. You’re Big Time!

    I wonder if Tim has made any money doing my laundry? Hmmm…probably not. I’m a Debit Card Gal 😉

  2. Just $0.87???? Some days I’ve been lucky enough to find whole DOLLARS! (and most recently a FIVER!) WOO HOO! And yes, I DO keep it. LOL But it’s fair game. If Big D finds money when HE does laundry, he is entitled to keep it. 😉

  3. HA! Ha! Ha! Travis does the same thing!! So, I just put all of the change aside in a little basket. Hmmm…that reminds me that I haven’t checked it in a while.
    When we first got married Travis would have change all over his floor from his pockets. 2 years ago when we went to Vegas I went and cashed it all in and had $78 dollars from it.
    Also, thanks so much for the comment. We are really excited. And the best part…I can read your blogs for a couple of months to see how being a mommy of 2 is.

  4. Wait until you reach a dollar and go treat yourself to a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae. HA!

  5. Upps, I mean I’ll send you 12 cents to equil 99…. but then you’ll need tax…o.k. o.k. I’ll send you 20 cents

  6. Man…I’m typing way too fast…I meant equal.

    I just had a great idea. Maybe I should try proof reading my comment BEFORE I post it instead of after.

  7. I stick all the money I find in my “boob fund jar”. Who knows, when I’m 80, I might just have enough!

  8. wow – you do ALL the laundry?? what a GREAT wife!! haha – I dont know about that $.87!! Thats too much money for me to know what to do with it!!! haha congrats on your hard earned cash!

    ps – sorry I havent commented so much lately… I cant comment or sign in at work anymore 🙁 but I still check it everyday!! 🙂

  9. I agree with Stepahine….we are Debit Card people and so NO money in the pants pockets…however my little boys often leave me things in their pockets…WIKKI STIX, ROCK, Wonder Woman and yes Crayons from the OUTBACK that ruined the whole entire laundry!

    WOW 87 cents……87 cents on the way to a CABBAGE PATCH KID!!!!

  10. Love the title…very clever!
    I signed.
    I got married.
    I do the laundry too.
    I just laundered money Friday.
    $15.00 to be exact.
    I laid it on the dryer.
    When I came back, five was missing.
    My hubby had swiped my five.
    I found out later it was my 12 year olds money.
    I had to give him the ten and search for another five to make up the difference.
    It is a lot of work just doing the laundry!

  11. Hehe. Great post title. I say finders, keepers when it comes to finding things in the laundry, but usually I only find gum wrappers, rocks and stickers. :o)

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