The wheels in her head do not go round…


My friends and I decided to take the campus trolley back to our respective offices after lunch. The trolley runs in a circular path around campus. It was quite cold, so we got on the trolley going in the opposite direction that we were headed (knowing that it goes in a circle and that we would eventually get to our offices). When we got on the trolley, the woman was like, “I’m going to the city train stop” which we all know is where the trolley turns around. We all said it was okay, but she continued to tell us that we would be late and that there were two buses in front of her. How did she know where we needed to be and when we needed to be there? Did we have the time and location written on our foreheads in case we forgot? Also, there are six or seven trolleys running on the route. It runs in a circle. Doesn’t that mean that there are six or seven trolleys in front of her? She was a real gem.

So, we took the long way. Obviously, we didn’t care. But, I think she made it even longer on purpose. We waited at the campus book store for what seemed like five minutes; of course nobody got on the trolley. Then we waited at the city train stop for another five minutes and about thirty people got on the trolley. Most of them had to stand as the trolley isn’t very big. The woman very gently (yeah, right) yelled that everybody had to be behind the white line, but kept letting people on. I must also mention that there is some dumb rule that you can only get on the bus in the front and only exit from the back.

We finally got to our stop, and the woman opened the back door for us to get off. We were sitting towards to front of the bus because we had been on so long. We had to fight just to stand up. Somebody that wasn’t with us but that needed to get off asked the gem of a driver if she would open the front door. She kindly stated, “NO!!” So, we had to push our way to the back of the bus through all of the other people banging into them with our bags and what not.

We finally got off the bus and all commented on the fun ride. Maybe we should do it again tomorrow, but that time we should make a couple stops just so we can switch buses.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    K$- yeah that was one fun ride! Good times!! Linda

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