The Score So Far…


Pregnancy Induced Ultra-Klutziness: 4
Me: 0

1. So far, in the course of less than two weeks, I’ve broken several things. Last week, a bowl jumped right out of my hand, and smack, landed on the floor and shattered.

2. This week, I banged a bowl on our lovely granite counter tops while attempting to put it in the dishwasher, and smash, it cracked into three large pieces.

3. Last night, I was getting out a water pitcher for some ladies I was having over, and dinged it on my glass measuring cup. I still haven’t found the scrap of glass yet. I’m sure I’ll step on it, though.

4. And finally, this morning, I don’t even know how it happened, but I knocked a glass over and it broke into a million pieces on the counter top (again).

What’s a girl to do? I think I’m going to pad our house and pad myself. At hubby’s recommendation, I’m also going to resist the urge to operate heavy machinery or climbing any ladders. Also, I’m to avoid flying on the trapeze and tight rope walking.

And, while I’m at it, I might pad #1, too, because she has been refusing to take a nap for the last 2 hours and I’m at my whits end!!!


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  1. Please tell me that you cracked the bowl and not the granite countertop. That would be bad!

  2. At least you can blame it on pregnancy. I have no excuse!!

  3. I agree with Amy. At least you have the pregnancy excuse. klutziness must be contagious because I’ve broken two thing this week also…and I have no excuse.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post. I hope that it hasn’t given you cause to worry.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t the whole family use Izzy’s sippy cups? Then, nothing will break or leak. Not sure how your guests would respond….but you could let them drink straight from the tap!

  5. Oh this was so me when prego with Anya. If it was glass, it was going to break, and nearly sever my toe!

    Hang in there, and yes, padding EVERYONE doesn’t seem that unreasonale. 🙂

  6. not brian, BRAIN!!!

    YIKES! I have no excuse either!!

  7. I got a serious case of the Preggo Brian with my kids too.

    Try to keep safe, woman!

  8. maybe you should consider plastic dishes while you are preggers?? haha – I hope you find that sliver of glass soon!!!

  9. Ah. I am that way under normal circustances. During pregnancy? Lock me in a padded room.

    At least you can have a laugh over it. What else are you gonna do?

  10. does this mean we have to cancel our play date to go tight rope walking??

  11. Don’t you love that you can blame this on the pregnancy though? Currently I have no excuse. I’m just like that normally. Although it has been awhile…knock on wood!

  12. haha…yes, I remember these moments…and unfortunately I’m still having them even though I had my baby girl three weeks ago! Yikes! Oh well. 🙂 I have some EXCITING news for you though! You won the Worth the Wait giveaway on my blog!! So if you’ll email me with your address and the tee/shirt that you’d like from Uncommonly Cute (http://www.uncommonlycute.com/) as soon as you can that would be great! My email is: andraya3 at yahoo dot com


  13. When I was pregnant…we always did some MAJOR home renovation…with my son we completely remodeled the kitchen–complete with new cabinets and with my daughter we added on to our house. My husband said that he should have learned the 1st time-DON’T REMODEL WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT!! I was either crying or yelling at everyone!! LOL

  14. You might want to invest in some plastic cups and paper dishes.

  15. Girl..be careful!! I was the same way though..I agree with Rach, maybe plastic dishes should be used for the duration of “Sampsons” cooking time!!

  16. I loved it when I could blame it on pregnancy.

    Messy House

    Now…I have NO excuse.
    Good luck with all that padding!!!

  17. I’m not pregnant and I’m a complete clutz! I hate it when things jump out of my hands and break themselves. :o)

  18. I was incredibly clumsy to when I was pregnant. I was always dropping things or stunning my toes on furniture. I totally sympathize with you. It’ll get better.

  19. OH NO!!!! You poor girlie pie!!!! I HATE when I break something.. GRRRRR…

  20. OK that was so very funny! O yes prego mishaps! Plus being summer and hot and prego..uggg! I am so laughing with YOU though! I am so clumsy that I spranged my ankle and was on crutches and fell going down some steps with the crutches and yes…sprang my other ankle! Two sprang ankles at the same time….yea that was fun….I was not even prego! OOOOKKKK so now I hope you are laughing at me!

  21. Yeah, pregnancy klutziness has cetainly plagued me in the past too. Hope it gets better.

    P.S. I tagged you! : )

  22. Hang in there, girl!
    You’ll be back to your old self in no time. 😀

  23. oh man! I totally had Prego Brain when pregnant with Luke too. except mine was forgetting everything. one time I walked out of the house with no shoes on…got in my car and started to drive away to go to the store. Luckily I realized I had no shoes on as soon as i hit the driveway…but still!

  24. What is it with Preggo women and breaking stuff I didn’t it all the time with my 2.

  25. Blame it on pregoness….

    BTW, we have a winner… did you see?

  26. I am the same way. Sounds like everyone else is too!

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