There’s proof in the pudding (or pictures)


Apparently, there is some perception (maybe because I only post the smiling, happy pictures) that my girls are always happy, smiling and love each other.


Every time I read a comment like that, I’m pretty sure I snort. It’s genetic. Thanks mom.

I’m here to dispel those vicious rumors. It isn’t always peaches around here.
It’s been proven that blogs won’t be around when my kids are old enough to look at them, right? Because, I’m pretty sure this might demote me from best mom status.

Wait no longer.

I give you #2 throwing a fit and #1 demanding cuddle time. Simultaneously, nonetheless.

#2 having a hoo-hum moment. She’s not really sure what to do. Could it be the giant flower headband and the tutu? It’s possible.
#1’s best impression of the stink eye. That is not genetic. She does that one all on her own.
And, of course, they aren’t always the nicest to each other. I’m pretty sure #1 was holding #2 when I went for the camera. I’m guessing #2 pulled #1’s hair, so she got shoved off her lap.
Ahh…that’s a little better. #1 is trying to make #2 feel better. Poor thing. She was so unhappy with me.
In all seriousness, they really are very happy girls. They love each other to pieces and are so sweet to one another. #1 makes #2 laugh and shares her snacks and #2 gives #1 some serious attention and love.
Of course, they do have the best.smiles.ever! I’m never biased.
And, I had to go through 5 months worth of pictures to find these gems.


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  1. Okay so they're not perfect kids, but they look like they come pretty close 🙂 I love the stink eye, that will be handy for her teenage years.

  2. Okay so now I see that your kids are not just completely adorable, they are also normal. Whew, I feel much better after reading this post, thanks for clearing this up for at least me. lol

  3. I still think they are two of the cutest kids I've ever seen!! If I lived in Georgia I'd totally babysit for you! …until they had one of these moments and then I'd call you and mr. serious and tell y'all to get home! :p

  4. LOL! I have to laugh! My two fight with each other but the husband informed me that so did him and his brothers. I think it is all normal…LOL LOL LOL

  5. Even grumpy and crying your girls are adorable! And are you sleeping in that first picture?

  6. ah, that crying baby picture is all too familiar. Charlie is kind of fits around here!

  7. i don't have anything clever – just seeing them, crying or giggling – no matter what, they make me smile!

    happy weekend friend 🙂

  8. Hey, we all have our moments, right? HA!

    I'm loving that second picture of N with the big flower on her head. That look on her face is priceless!

  9. Your girls remind me of my sister and I when we were growing up. We have a ton of cute, adorable photos together, but my mom loves telling us stories.

  10. Darling!! Found your site tonight (while I am patiently waiting for hubby to get home so we can go celebrate our 5 year anniversary….patiently, key word, lol) anyway – I really enjoyed looking around. I added your button to my blog so that I can find my way back! Have a wonderful weekend!! KL

  11. Kids are so cute! One moment they're fighting and the next time you'll see them flying kisses to each other. I think it's normal for kids to fight. They'll eventually learn to compromise.

  12. Commenting on the fine print…at the movies tonight (OUR mother, your kiddos grandMOTHER snorted AND sang OUT LOUD to a song) but she sure gave us some great genes! The girls…you should have put up the pic of my attempt to get a pic with both of them this summer. They went in complete opposite directions….reminds me of an older sister I have!

  13. The "ho hum" picture of N is awesome! Still waiting for that giant bee to land on her flower headband.

  14. Gotta love the fit and cuddle time simulaneously! Wait until there are three doing it! Ever now and again, I have all three of them crying and I just about lose my mind!

  15. Similing or not, they are ADORABLE:)

    Blog Party today! Your giveaway is the kick-off at 7 am:) And feel free to sign in and enter the giveaways, your blog design donation counts!

  16. I love grumpy pictures – they show a lot of personality too 🙂

  17. these pictures are great. My dad has one of me… the ever popular santa claus picture with the little kid crying hysterically!

  18. Oh man, this post cracked me up! I've had to put up "proof" that my kids aren't happy all the time too.

    Found you via the Blog for a Cure and I'm happily following you now 🙂

  19. Ok, whatever…so if your KIDS aren't the ones smiling and laughing, WE are–at their adorable faces. You're not fooling anyone.
    Totally love the stink eye. I'm stealing that one.

  20. If you had to go through 5 months to get those, we were right to think they were always happy!

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