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It’s a Random Day


-#1 started singing the jingle that is on a radio station’s commercial. At least it was a Christian station. I don’t think she realized she was doing it.
-I saw a recipe for butterscotch fudge and had to have it. I’ve now cooked it and now, I’m not so sure I want it.
-Last week, during the bonus day off, I finally got a pumpkin spiced latte. But, it didn’t hurt the budget. I used my Pampers rewards codes and got a free Starbucks gift card. Success.
-Speaking of the budget, we have our emergency fund in tact and our October budget is ready to go. We also paid off our second mortgage and we are well on our way to debt free!
-My mom and sister are being sneaky about some plans for the girls’ birthdays. It revolves around Olivia, the preschool pig.
-So, I ordered a sign and a figurine for the top of the cake.
-The bounce house has been reserved for the girls’ birthday.
-Mr. Serious actually said to get the princess castle. I quickly ordered it before he changed his mind.
-I have a dining room table full of hair bows made this weekend. I’m hoping to add some money into the budget by selling them at our church’s annual giftmart.
-We went to the square this weekend and the girls had a blast. #1 was quite disappointed we didn’t get ice cream, but she eventually got over it.
-I found this picture that Mr. Serious took. Apparently, #1 now only eats the crust of her bread? Go figure.
-I have a feeling this week is going to be painfully long after getting two days off (one just without the students) last week.
-The fair is in town. We are hoping to go Saturday. We are also hoping for no rain.
-#1 loves the elephants at the fair.
-Last year when I went to the fair I was 3 weeks from my due date with #2. Not so fun.
-While joking about breaking my work badge today, I actually did break it. Whoops. Free replacement if it breaks, but you have to pay if you lose it.
-Mr. Serious lost his work badge this week. Fortunately, his department pays for the replacement.
-I know I may be biased, but I’m pretty sure my kids can’t get any cuter.
-#2 will now crawl up to us, or a blanket, or as a last resort, the floor and just lay down when she is ready for bed. It is too adorable.
-After not using a “blankie” for over a year and a half, #1 now thinks she needs a blankie to sleep. What’s next, a paci?
-When I’m wearing glasses, it probably is a silly time to ask me if I “wear glasses!” “Nope….sure don’t…wait, what are these in front of my eyes? Definitely, not glasses!”
-I am going to have a three year old and a one year old in 2 weeks! Holy cow. How did that happen?
-I still have to write about the Darwin award winner. Will you all appreciate me making fun of somebody like that, or is it in poor taste? Do you know what the “Darwin Awards” are?
-Really, it’s only Monday night? Uggghhh…



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  1. I hope you post your Darwin awards story! Those crack me up!

    And your kids really are the cutest ever. Seriously. Their smiles… make my ovaries ache.

  2. I love the Darwin Awards! I can't wait to read about that post. And all the birthday party talk just made me realize how incredibly far behind I am! Wow, I should really get on it. lol

    Hope your week goes well, sometimes shorter weeks feel much longer!

  3. You seem to have a lot going on. I want a picture of the bows. I cannot believe you're going to have a 1 and 3 year old in less than a month…wow!

  4. Oh you betcha we want to hear about the Darwin award winner – it makes the rest of us feel better for any stupid things we've done! hahaha! Did you know they made a movie about Darwin awards? I'm visiting from Lani's and want to wish you a wonderful week – sounds like you have a lot going on! Love Olivia Pig too!

  5. Yeah, the fair was rough last year. It would have been better if I had gotten to ride in the stroller instead of pushing Melody. The corndog was worth it though.
    I always love it when people make fun of other people!
    Your girls are definitely near the top of cutest kids I've ever seen! (following right behind my own!)
    The princess castle bouncy house…wow! That's going to be one stellar par-tay!

  6. I agree..I cant believe its only Tuesday morning! lol
    Lots of fun, crazy things going on around there!
    yeah for birthdays, no debt, and making fun of people! ha

  7. no clue on the darwin stuff? but i also didn't know that hot lanta was under water last week…

    ps i want to respond to each random. but i won't. not bc i don't want to but bc someone just woke up after only an hour. so much for my me time!

  8. I'm just reeling from the fact thst Miss N is about to be a year old. Woah.

  9. It sounds like you have alot on your plate with the girls birthdays and all. I never realized they were only one day apart! Wow.

    Yeah for paying off the second mortgage. That must have been crazy exciting.

  10. I don't what the Darwin awards are but you should definitely write that post!

  11. Pumpkin Spice Latte….you lost me after those words. I am drooling!

  12. How do I convince Papa Bear (aka Mr. Serious) to order the margarita machine for the birthday party? You know how fun that could be with a princess bounce house?
    3 weeks from your due date…that means since Sampson is almost 1 you will be knocked up in just a few months…correct?
    Yes, they are the cutest! Since they are all over my desk and computer at work I always get asked if they are mine. Of course I don't lie (though I am tempted, somehow zoE and Leroy don't get the oooh's and ahhhh's Blubs and Sampson do) but I am tempted every time!
    You are also about to have a 27 year old sister…when did WE get so old?

  13. there is nothing like a special treat without breaking the bank!

  14. I'm still in shock on the whole 3 and 1 year old…when did this happen?

    You have to post the Darwin award…please! Those are hilarious!

    I bet their party will be so adorable! We love Olivia!

  15. Sounds like your daughter is going to have a great birthday party!

    The fair is always fun and I hope it don't rain.

    And lastely, whats pamper rewards?
    I need this I'm sure!

  16. What a great start you have on your journey to being debt free!

    So funny about Izzy only eating the crust of the bread. Cracking me up.

    Carter was never attached to a blanket until he was about 3 – then all of the sudden he named a blanket Chewy and must have it at night time. Weird! I think he picked it up from one of his friends.

  17. Oh – great job on the budget girl!! And seriously – I only have 27 pampers points…not enough to get anything! 😉

    have a great bday extravaganza!

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