The whiskers


Y’all. Jeans shopping. That says enough, right?

I buckled down and went to the store by myself. Armed with time, my phone and a Christmas giftcard, I was determined to get a new pair of jeans that fit (yay for losing weight and my nice jeans not fitting. boo for shopping!)

First jeans I try on? Crotch whiskers. Seriously?

crotch whiskers

Why? Why? Why? Do people wear these? What? Why? I have no words. (Well, obviously I do) but ick!

So then I tried on more. And they were blah. Too long. Too dark. Too “my grandma wears this color.” Too wide. Too warn. Why do they put holes in jeans? Or wear spots? Am I that old that I don’t get it?

jeans shopping fail

I want to love my jeans and wear them so much that I put holes in them. I don’t need a head start. 

I walked around the store with two pairs I was ho-hum about for an hour. Put them on the shelf and walked out with nothing.

Somebody come help me shop. I can’t do it.

{The only good thing from this trip? I fit in the smallest jeans size I’ve ever worn. So at least I’ve got that going for me.


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  1. Nothing better than fitting in a smaller size than ever before, but bummer for not finding a great pair. I used to go out weekly and try on like 20 pairs per trip. 🙂

    1. No kidding! And, at least 15 pairs this time and then I just got bored.

  2. yay for your new smaller size. boo for jeans shopping in general! so not fun!! i still haven’t recovered after learning about the whole old navy/gap mom jeans conspiracy!!

    1. I totally remember hearing about that and reading about it. But I *think* my gap jeans aren’t mom…I hope.

  3. Jeans shopping is so hard for me too! I have only found ONE store that I can always find a pair at….The Buckle. But they are so pricey that I only buy one pair every year and a half or so.

    1. Hmmm…I’ll have to check them out. But, I think that means venturing to the mall…shudder.

  4. I also totally and completely don’t understand holes, wear spots, and massive fading in jeans. I don’t want to pay for them to look old, I’ll make them look old on my own, thanks!

  5. Sometimes I will do that too with the put back after indecisiveness. If you still don’t feel bad about it, you did the right thing! Congrats on your tiny self!

    1. Nope, didn’t feel bad at all..so they must not have been right.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. I hate jeans shopping too and I totally agree with the whole “why buy it with holes in it when I can do that myself after several wears”.

    1. Thanks! And if there are so many of us, I wonder why we can’t find the good ones?

  7. Lucky’s, I say again 😉 You’ll pay like $80 for them, they will fit PERFECTLY and they will last you at least 3 years. If you need any of the lengths hemmed, I’ll do it for ya!

  8. Jeans are harder than people think. When you find the right fit then you want to buy those jeans and those jeans only. JcPenny surprisingly has the best jeans for me. Happy shopping

    1. Hmm..that’s interesting. I have a gift card for there as well.

  9. grandma pat says:

    Congrats on the smaller size – that’s a big accomplishment after 3 kiddos. also, dont understand the holey jeans – how can they last if they start with holes.

  10. Try Miss Me jeans. They are pricey but fit really well.

    1. Miss Me….never heard of them. Do I have to go to the mall for those, too?

  11. Jeans shopping is the worst, second only to bathing suit shopping. Also, I’m still laughing about whiskers.

  12. I hate to shop too. I would rather clean toilets and fold laundry…..

  13. Yeah for the smallest jean size, you go mama! I often walk out with nothing too. Just hate standing in front of the dressing room mirror! I have to say, I have always found a good pair of jeans at the gap. They are a little bit more $, but such good quality that they last. You can usually get a good deal at their outlet store too.

    1. I know. I need to head there. They are super close, too. I was trying to use my GC:(

  14. Can’t say I enjoy jeans shopping either. I like the NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) though they’re expensive.

    1. Hmmm..I’ve never heard of these. I’ll have to do a google search.

  15. yay on the smaller size!!!!!!
    good luck on the shopping.. I hate it too 🙂

    1. Thanks! Maybe I’ll just wear my current clothes until they are rags.

  16. I love the jeans at Dressbarn, specifically the Westport brand. I know that seems like a weird place to buy jeans but they fit me perfectly, keep their shape all day, are comfortable and don’t cost a small fortune. Good luck in your hunt!

  17. My absolute FAVORITE pair of jeans is the 312 jeans at The Limited. I watch for sales online and then I stock up. They are the perfect fit and my size always works so I can order online. So awesome.
    Jeans shopping is crazy. I don’t get all the worn spots, holes, faded areas either. Not flattering. And I loathe jeans so low that you can see my underwear. Not attractive. BLAH!!!!!
    Sometimes I think trying on jeans is just as bad as trying on swim suits.

    1. I haven’t been in a limited in forever….And, I wonder what the jeans shopping me at 20 would say to the jeans shopping me now?

  18. Where are you shopping?

    I’ve settled for less than the best for a good price from time to time. Then will shell out good money for “THE” pair when I can. I have 1 pair right now that I’m in love with. They get worn as much as I can. The others are for the days these are in the laundry hamper.

    If you can afford it, try NY&Co. They’re a little pricier, but they’re awesome. My 16 y/o and I both love them.

    1. This was Kohl’s….the gift card. I couldn’t find a single thing to buy with it!

      From what I remember NY&co isn’t too pricey..I mean maybe more than Old Navy, but not too much. Just have to go to the mall, which isn’t that close!

      1. NY&Co can be pricey. But I also live in California where everything is expensive. they also have sales all the time and you can usually find coupons.

        I don’t like ON Jeans anymore. They just don’t fit my post-baby body right.

        I say go back to Kohl’s and get a new purse and some shoes. Or something for the girls. Unless you really need to shop for you … then just wait until something jumps out at you.

  19. I loathe jean shopping also – but YAY for YOU – getting your smallest size! That at least makes it worth it a little. 😉

    1. Yes, it was nice seeing them and them fitting, but gah, they were ugly!

  20. I love jeans from the Gap. Have you tried there? They are worth the price. And even old Navy has some good ones too…

    1. Yes, they are my go-to place…I had a gift cert. to this store:(

  21. Catherine says:

    Funny, never heard about these kind of whiskers.

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