A tasty drink?


Our girls love pickles.  Not sure what it is about them, but they are the bees knees to them.

Like, no you can’t have a pickle until you eat all of your broccoli…and the broccoli is gone.  This might even work for brussel sprouts.

As I was clearing the table the other night, I heard a big sister tell me to look at her little sister.

Imagine my surprise (and disgust) when I look over and see this?

Tasty Toddler Drink?

Pickle juice.  As a drink. DISGUSTING!

But, now that I’m thinking about it.  My favorite shaved ice place in Houston has dill pickle as a flavor.  I think I’ll stick to my blue bubble gum.

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  1. That’s too funny! My boy’s just had a pickle for lunch today. They were all excited. Like they got their dessert with dinner. 😉

    It’s cool you snapped a photo!

    1. That’s really funny!

      I think I could pull off pickles for dessert, too!

  2. Oh man, my stomach just turned. My kids LOVE pickles too! 🙂

  3. I’ll tell you a secret….I love pickle juice & have since I was a kid. Now, I don’t go around drinking it with dinner or anything, but from time to time, when I’m about to ditch an empty jar of pickles (because we all love them in our house) I will take a sip from the jar!

    My mom craved pickle juice when pregnant with my brother, she had gestational diabetes at the time & didn’t know it & being thirsty is a symptom. I guess she was thirsty for it!

    1. I’m glad you clarified that you don’t drink it with dinner! I’ll give you a taste or two!

  4. As soon as I saw the picture, I just knew it was pickle juice! Pickles rein supreme in our house too!

  5. Tiaras & Tantrums says:

    ha ha – my son loves to do this too!

  6. Super Dad Says says:

    And pickles are a healthy snack thats Super Dad approved great post

    1. Healthy? I guess there are worse things, but there is a ton of salt in them! Better than candy, though!

  7. pickles aren’t big in our house BUT to each their own & if she enjoyed it…go with it! 🙂

    1. Yep…exactly. If that’s what she likes, there are worse things for her.

  8. OMGosh! LOL!
    My sister in law has been a pickle “freak” her whole life and has been known to down a glass of pickle juice on occasion.

  9. My daughter LOVES pickles too. And probably would drink the juice, too, since all she does is lick the flavor off of them anyway.

    My drinks olive juice. Like the juice out of the can of green olives. I always thought that was a little disgusting.

    1. Not being an olive person, I don’t know…does that even have any flavor, or is it like olive water?

  10. Oh that disgusting, cute but disgusting.

    1. I’m very thankful she’s cute for a multitude of reasons!

    1. Really, you hate them? I love pickles, too, but not the juice! And, they have to be good ones, too!

  11. I have caught TWO of my daughters drinking pickle juice from the jar! Blechhh!

    1. Maybe it’s because it looks like a cup to them? I can’t figure it out.

  12. grandma Pat says:

    when she starts eating that salty lemon stuff you know she’s yours.

  13. Mrs. Hils says:

    She will be able to win money from taking dares in middle school. Consider it a helpful business skill.

  14. oh yikes! pickle juice!

  15. I did that ALL the time when I was a kid. And look how great I turned out. On second thought…

  16. this totally cracks me up! when we were kids my parents would *threaten* pickle juice if we didn’t finish drinking our milk!! sounds like your girls would love that deal!

  17. Oh my goodness, I love pickles but seeing this picture makes me pucker. So funny (and cute)!!

  18. That is SO GROSS! I guess it’s just because I don’t like pickles, but EW! At least she looked cute doing it, right?

    1. Really, you don’t like them? I like pickles, but eww..not the juice!

  19. Heh! She’s so cute. I had a co-worker who drank pickle juice. She apologized to us in advance.

    1. Yeah, I think an advance apology would be necessary! Although, did she actually bring the juice to work to drink it?

  20. LOL From what I hear, my mom used to do the same thing as a child. 🙂

    1. My grandmother wrote me a note after reading this and told me that my mom used to do the same thing!

  21. you know who likes pickles and pickle juice…snookie ???

    1. Hmmm…I’m about to out myself here, but I’m not really sure who this snookie person is…or why people talk about her?

  22. My DH sometimes takes a swig or two of pickle juice…personally, BLEAUCH!

    1. If somebody is willing to buy it..I’d totally sell it:)

  23. after reading the comments I will shamefully admit to having done that (and not as a small child). I LOVE the smell of pickles, love to eat them but since I am the only one in the family who even remotely likes them, I don’t buy them often. That is such an adorable picture!

  24. Time to keep the pickle jars up! lol Too funny! Q loves pickles too….course so do I?! lol 🙂

    1. Eh….she picked this one off the table after we had finished the pickles, so I guess it was fair game!

      But, she will pull the jar out of the fridge and ask for pickles for a snack!

  25. OMGosh, I missed this! Hilarious! Wyatt would totally drink prickle juice too (if given the opportunity, lol!)

    Great moment captured!

  26. O.k….I cannot lie, i’ve drank pickle juice….more than once.

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