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Right before the craziness that was March (and April, and May and June, and July and August, and September 2020), I decided I needed to have a little hobby for myself and I signed up for a stitching subscription club. It had been and is fun, but I didn’t know what stitches to do where and it was a little too much freedom for my beginner self. 

sealife stitchalong in progress

Then I found Tory from The Barmy Fox and saw she was doing a stitch along. For the first one I saw, I didn’t know I could join in at anytime (spoiler, you can), so I just sort of watched some of her instagram lives as they were published. Then I learned you can watch them later (not just 24 hours after the fact) and on youtube. 

So, the next stitchalong I saw was the Sea-life one and I knew I wanted to do it. Turns out, our 11 year old also wanted a creative outlet, or maybe something to do with me, so she asked if she could do it, too. 

finished mommy and me monday sea life stitch along

She’s like really, really good at it! It all came so naturally to her, and she even cheered me on when I was frustrated, had knots or just didn’t want to do the next day. So, it took us several months instead of like one month (I think we were supposed to finish in July and we finished in September). But, we finished!!!

Sealife stitch a long

We still need to wrap up the backs of them, or figure out where or what we will do with them, but hooray for finishing! (And seeing all of the fraying our fabric did, we need to find a better fabric option before we do the next one!)

If you are thinking about doing some stitching or hand embroidery, check out all of The Barmy Fox Stich-a-longs. I can’t recommend her enough. (And, no she’s not paying me to say this and I paid for our pattern.) She’s a great teacher and you get like 20 days of stitching lessons with each one. I still can’t do a button stitch without watching the placement of each stitch, but hey, I can do a picot stitch, weaving, fly stitch, chain stitch, broken chain stitch and more!


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    Beautiful works of art!!

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