Baby thug life


Rollin’ in my dollahs!

Baby Thug Life

Rollin’ in my papahs!

With da paper

Rollin’ with my hommies.

Hardcore baby

Straight up stoppin’ to cheese.

lookin' guilty

Sleeves rolled up, rollin’ the repairs.

sleeves rolled up

Takin’ out the trash.

Puttin' out the trash

Straight up baby thuggin’.

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  1. Too cute all I can think of is the song they see me rolling lol

  2. Oh my goodness! So precious! I love the photo with the money. My son is all about money right now. He likes to tell me, “Mo money!” He’s 2. I might be in trouble.

    1. That’s awesome! Just teach him how to earn it, and he can have tons Mo Money to give to you!

  3. for a second I thought I was looking at my daughter’s twin! lol. My girl is always doing things like this. It’s not a normal day if we don’t have at least 4-5 of these incidents. She’s just so clever, and sneaky. She waits for us to get distracted (ie, go to the bathroom or busy helping brothers with homework, or making dinner) and then goes right for what she knows she shouldn’t.

    1. Seriously. How quickly they learn when we are distracted and how to find trouble. We have quite a few of these. Not pictured? The cabinet in the kitchen that she unpacks at least 3 times a day.

  4. grandma pat says:

    she’s a silly girl and with those baggy legged wool pants she fits the bill

    1. She cracks me up all the time. For instance, she is currently doing “downward dog” in her crib trying to get to sleep!

  5. “Rollin down the street in my stroller, sippin on somma my juice!! Laid back, with my mind on my Mommy and my Mommy on my mind!” These pics are too cute!

    1. Best.comment.ever!

      You had my husband laughing hysterically!

  6. She is SO adorable! I love that she makes a mess, but smiles the whole time so you can’t even get upset becuase it’s too cute. I think the one with candy still wrapped in her mouth and in her hand is my favorite! Rollin’ with her homies!

    1. It’s actually a ketchup packet…not sure if that makes it better or worse.

    1. Yep…we were testing it out to see how many channels we could get. For the record? 3….

  7. Ha this is pretty much my house right now too. Although, he will drop everything so he’ snot implicated when I try to take the picture.

    1. Oh, she could totally care less..and actually thinks it’s funny!

  8. Great photos! I like the Thug Life one, it’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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