Apple Blossom Parfait | How do like them apples?


My girls are typically very good eaters. They eat their meals well, and they eat a variety. Fruit, however is their favorite and often a request for dessert. And our favorite is when they can handle their dessert on their own. 


We were recently sent four varieties of Lil Snappers kid size fruit to try out (Cara Car Naval, California Mandarin, Minneola Tangelo and Pink Lady). They come in these handy 3-pound bags that are resealable and can stand easily on their own. In less than a week these bags are all less than half full because they can handle them all on their own, including even peeling the oranges (we do have to “start” the peeling process, but they can take it from there).


Even our 13 month old sort of baby led weaner can handle the pink lady apples by herself. Of course, she’s closely supervised, but she’s had no problem chowing down on these apples (and whatever she doesn’t eat, we are happy to finish. They are the perfect texture with a hint of tart and very juice.

“How do you like them apples?”


After starting the mandarin lil snapper, she had it peeled in about 30 seconds and was already eating it. She’s proud she can do it on her own, and I’m happy I’m not peeling quite so many oranges. 


They are a great addition to their lunches too as they aren’t so big they are too full to finish them during their allotted lunch time.

In addition to the tasty fruit, Lil Snappers has an entire page devoted to kid-friendly recipes featuring the fruits from Sunkist Growers and Stemlit Growers. We decided to try out the apple blossom parfait using a Pink Lady Lil Snapper.

Apple blossom parfait


  • 1 Lil Snapper Kid Size Apple 
  • 3 ounces blueberry greek style yogurt, or as preferred 
  • 2 teaspoons granola 
  • Chopped nuts, if desired 


Place an apple corer/slicer on top of apple and carefully press down, from top stem through core, leaving just a little bit of the bottom of the apple intact (this will help hold the “petals” (slices) of the apple together). Carefully pull the corer/slicer back up from the fruit (pushing slices down through cutter to help release it from the fruit). Using kitchen scissors, carefully snip the core out of the center of the apple. Draw slices back in together to reform apple shape and transfer to serving plate or shallow bowl. Release slices of apple and gently fan out to resemble petals of a flower.

Spoon yogurt into center of apple blossom and sprinkle with granola and some chopped nuts, if desired. Serve immediately. To eat, pull petals (apple slices) from blossom and dip into yogurt.

Note: Placing the Apple Blossom on a large, flower-shaped cupcake holder makes for a nice garden-like presentation.


I pushed down a little too far with the corer, so a couple of my blossoms fell off, but I was able to grab it back together and weigh it down a bit with the yogurt and granola. Any time a snack revolves around fruit here, it’s devoured!

Apple blossom parfait

 Lil Snappers is currently available in Louisiana (New Orleans), Florida (Jacksonville) and North Carolina at the following locations: Rouse’s , Publix, Ingles Super Markets, Harris Teeter Super Markets, Winn Dixie Stores, C&S Wholesale Groceries, but remember you can request your store to carry them.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Lil Snappers. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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  1. The fruit looks delicious, and I like that it’s small enough for the girls to handle on their own.

  2. grandma pat says:

    this is great for little hands and smaller appetites – I can’t believe the size of some fruit at the stores these days – 1 lb oranges – 1 lb apples – can’t eat them in 1 sitting and the apples turn brown way too quickly

  3. Love the Apple Blossom Parfait, it’s pretty and looks delicious! I think Lil Snappers are a great way to get kids to eat more fruit.

    1. Yes, it’s amazing when it’s their size how much more they want it/like it!

  4. I love that they come in resealable bags. We usually have to put the fruit in a big bowl so the kids and grab them from the fridge, but bags that are able to stand up would be so much better! I’ll have to see if these are sold up here.

    1. Yes, the bags are awesome-sauce. I even just reused one today because some other fruit came in one of those hairnet like bags.

  5. Oh fun! I have seen an apple blossom, I would have to try one! So cute, eating the apple, just adorable!

    1. Thank you! She chowed one at a restaurant, too, which kept her busy until dinner came out.

  6. I used to love doing things like this for my girls. I would put a tablespoon of peanut butter in the center of a plate and cut the apple into little sticks, sticking them into the peanut butter. We called it silly apple. To this day, it brings a smile to their faces.

    1. That sounds fun..and my girls love peanut butter…I might try that with celery as they are a little more reluctant.

  7. I love that apple blossom parfait! So cute! And my kids would devour them! We always struggle because our apples are so big here my kids can’t eat a full apple in one sitting. So they go to waste. It would be nice to have smaller sizes so they can eat all they need but not have fruit wasted.

    1. No kidding. Why are they so big. I mean even healthy food now comes in improper portions!

    1. She really does have a good smile (I know I’m biased!)

  8. These are such a great idea. I swear, apples are getting bigger and bigger every year–I’d prefer smaller ones myself!

    1. Me, too! It’s the only ones that you can eat in one serving and not feel like you are going to explode.

  9. Michael Lambert says:

    My daughter would like this. She loves apples and not much other fruit.

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